Can Kissinger Formula Work In New Situations?

98 years old Henry Kissinger is again in news highlights. Can Kissinger’s formula work in new situations? What was the reason of his trip to China? We will discuss today on these questions.

Henry Kissinger’s name would remain in history. As he incepted US-China ties in the cold war era. He traveled secretly to China in 1971. That trip opened the doors of dialogues between both countries.

Pakistan facilitated that trip. According to the global times, the precondition of negotiations was the acceptance of Taiwan as part of China. 

Commemoration Of First Kissinger’s Trip To China

Recently commemoration of 50 years old Kissinger’s trip is celebrated. He himself lectured in the event. His comments are worth deeply analysis. Still, he insists policymakers go back to his formula. 

What Is Kissinger’s Formula?

Kissinger’s formula was and is the most appropriate solution for removing misconceptions. The essence of his formula lies in both countries’ commitment to end conflicts with understanding each other. Which can only be achieved through putting aside divergences and jump-starting dialogues.

After 50 years of his trip, the need for cooperation is increasing. He urged both countries’ leaders that his formula is still valid in recurring conditions.

Nixon’s ambition with that trip was to sort out solutions to cold war problems. Though there were no written agreements about various issues. But Kissinger’s formula created different opportunities. There are a lot of questions today which require a long time for a final resolution.

Kissinger’s Concerns

Kissinger in his latest message warned. That the world will be divided if both countries’ reservations for each other are not addressed properly. Lining up different nations in one or other camps will only ignite destruction and difficulties.

It is a fact, believe it or not, that both countries have different socio-politico-economic systems. No country can totally change its rival’s characteristics. There is no reason for disengagement behavior. Surely Kissinger’s formula of engagement and dialogue can work in new situations.

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