Can Macron lead the Post-Merkel era?

After the Germans vote on Sunday and another administration begins forming. Chancellor Angela Merkel will leave office after 16 years as a dominating player in European politics. It is the moment that Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has been sitting tight for.

The German chancellor, however credited for tackling various crises, was for some time criticized for lacking vital vision. Mr. Macron, whose strutting style has in some cases unsettled his European accomplices. His advanced thoughts for a more free and coordinated Europe that acts for its safeguard and its interests remains highly appreciated.


France keeps on pushing for the formation of a European Union military power in the wake of a neglected submarine contract with Australia, and the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron would give its United Nations Security Council seat to the EU in the next step toward building a bloc-wide armed force, as per British media reports.

A close partner of France’s president disclosed that Macron would talk about sharing the UN seat if the EU were permitted to talk with a single voice on international policy. In any case, some EU member states are said to be resistant to giving France and Germany an excessive amount of force on international strategy.

Macron has been the most intense voice in the European Union calling for a greater European freedom from the U.S. on issues of defense and strategic independence in security and foreign affairs. However, the most recent commotion recommends that he actually thinks little of how far Europe needs to go before it can both handle the awkward homegrown political issues – that needed to liberate itself from its continued reliance on the U.S. protection umbrella – and generate the geopolitical will to beat its uncertainty over how to navigate the Sino-American decoupling.


The events began last week after Australia reported that it would pull out from a multi-billion dollar deal to secure traditional submarines from France and work rather with the US and the UK to get atomic fueled ones. While Biden considered the deal interest in the American alliance, the essential move to support Australia’s military and counter China’s reinforcing grasp in the Pacific must have incensed Macron.

For almost a century, France and the US have been drifting. Starting from France’s furious dismissal of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. Meanwhile, This most recent event appears just to speed up the rift.


According to a survey conducted by the European Council on Foreign Relations; most European Union residents favor the German chancellor over the French president.

In response to a query; “In case there was a political race for the leader of Europe and the main two candidates were Emmanuel Macron or Angela Merkel, who might you vote in favor of ?” More than 40% of respondents supported Merkel over Macron, including France. Just 14% of respondents picked Macron as their theoretical president.

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Macron vs Merkel: Head-to-Head

Unlike Macron, Merkel didn’t push forward aspiring reform recommendations. Instead, she made little predictable steps to keep the union above water regardless of many difficulties. While Macron’s attempts to be more ambitious and bring new strategies across the bloc. For example, a significant crackdown on Muslims’ occupation and culture. Merkle attempted to keep away from extremist changes that would just tear the association separated.

In recent years, Macron and his administration forced a series of restrictions on the Muslim populace. In October last year, Macron passed another bill that would broaden the restriction on religious images. It prominently affected Muslim ladies who wear headscarves or veils and sector workers.

Whoever wins on Sept. 26 in Germany, no candidate has significant mastery in EU affairs and, let us be blunt, in Franco-German relations. Maybe they should spend some time re-energizing bilateral relations. While France pushes for a more prominent EU impact could assist the bloc to move forward. Regardless, everyone’s attention is on Berlin for the next weekend and on Paris for April 2022.

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