Car Maintenance: Essential Tips to Extend Life of your Car

Car owners are always conscious about car maintenance. There are different types of people having their own way to maintain a car. Some people keep one car for a long time. They used to focus on their car’s maintenance regularly. 

Regularly maintaining your car is essential to keep it in top position. There are two important maintenance options to follow. 

  1. Maintenance on a regular basis, 
  2. Time to time maintenance  

Car Maintenance on a Regular Basis

As we use the cars daily for travelling, these must have regular checkups and maintenance. Here is a checklist of regular maintenance 

  • Assess different parts and components of your car. This will indicate to you what the next step to do. 
  • Park your car in a semi covered place. Put the car’s cover on it when parked. 
  • Check different warning light indicators eg. Service engine light, brake warning light, and oil warning light. This will indicate to you about the problems with the car. 
  • Inspect your tires’ pressure. This will impact the fuel economy. There are also gadgets and simple tools to check the tires’ pressure. 
  • Clean the brake dust off from the wheels. As this would make your car’s brake system a bit harder and unpleasant. 

Car Maintenance on Time to Time Basis

After your daily checkups, there is also a need for some extra effort to be done from time to time to maintain your cars. Here are some steps. 

Wash your Car

Car washing must take a little more time. Car wash can be done in the following steps. 

  1. Pre rinse the exterior of your car’s dirt. This will keep your car’s paint safe when it comes to the contact wash.
  2. Contact wash is to be done with a two ‘bucket process’. There should be two buckets. One is filled with clean water and the other includes a good washing powder in it. Following the wash is to be done with a sponge to wash the different portions of your car. Then clean the sponge from the clean water bucket. 
  3. Put your car’s interior materials and clean them too. These include seat covers, foot mates etc. Then let them dry in a clean place. 
  4. Dry clean your car with a clean cloth. This will end up keeping your car clean enough. 

Check the Engine Oil

Car owners should check and change engine oils. This is essential to keep your car in a good running condition. Checking engine oil is necessary as it affects the fuel economy. 

If you cannot do this by yourself then take your car to the nearby service station. If you are doing this yourself then you must learn the process of filling the oil and draining old fuel from the car. 

You also should know the quality of oil you are putting in your car whether you are changing it yourself or from the service center. As the car is your property you must focus on everything used in your car. 

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Check the Lights 

A regular Check on your car’s lights is one of the safety measures that must be followed. If any of the car’s bulbs are out at any time then it would be a hazard warning. 

If you find your car’s lights dim or improperly brightening then take it to the mechanic.  Learn to inspect whether its bulb or the fuse which has been out of order. 

Check Engine Air Filter

Air filters need to be checked on a monthly basis. For every gallon of fuel burned takes probably 12000 gallons of air to be pulled through the filter. 

The engine air filter got dirty in a short time. The buildup of dirt would make the filter harder to pass the air through the filter. You need to inspect the air filter by opening it. If the filter is dark and transmits little light that means it is dirty enough and you should replace it as possible. 

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