Line of Actual Control: China Is Salami Slicing LAC

Line of actual control is a strategic area between the two rival superpower of Asia India and China. But since the British period China does not considered LAC as their border. China's Strategy For...

Dasu Hydropower Project Blast: 13 Including 9 Chinese Killed

On Wednesday 14th July there was a bomb blast incident with a bus in the Upper Kohistan district of KPK Pakistan. 13 deaths were recorded. 9 of them were Chinese engineers working on the...

Wendy Sherman To Work Out China Trip

US-China relations are like boom and bust cycles these days. The Biden administration officially declared a new state policy of containment of China. The US intends to do it by competition and not by...

Can Kissinger Formula Work In New Situations?

In this article you will read about how can Kissinger's formula work in new situations. How USA China conflict can be resolved through dialogue is described here.

East Turkestan Islamic Movement: A Danger To China

In this article you will read about the possible threats to China and BRI from East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

Chinese Four Historical Eras campaign launched

In this article you will read about what are four Chinese history eras and their importance in celebrating centenary.

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