Bubonic plague putting young lives at risk in DR Congo: UNICEF

In this article, you will read about the new outbreak of the Bubonic plague in DRC that is targeting the children of the country.

The Congo Rainforest and Vistas for the Next Pandemic

In this article, you will read about the Congo rainforest and the upcoming more deadly pandemic than Covid and Ebola which can be caused by it.

DRC: Myths and Fears of Vaccination In the Country

In this article you will read about the myths and fears related to jabs in DR Congo and the consequences that people are dealing with it in the country right now.

EU-funded health and nutrition collaboration to support many conflicting parts of DR Congo

In this article you will read about the ongoing health crisis like malnutrition, sexual and gender based violence in the DR Congo. And how some organization are providing their helping hands in order to give them assistance from such issues.

DR Congo: Rise in covid cases of third wave and hesitation about vaccination.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has weighed down due to the impact of the third wave of COVID-19. And the number of deaths and infections has grown in a significant amount in Congo. And now...

Climate risk country profile: Congo, Democratic Republic

Climate change is the biggest concern nowadays. So many people like Bill gates are so much concerned about this. But, unfortunately, the daily rise of the temperature can further cause no life to exist...

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