Factory installation in Egypt to produce Covid vaccine

In this article you will read about the installation of new factory for the production of COVID vaccine in Egypt and the equipment which it needed,

Hymen reconstruction ruling for the women

In this article you will read about the hymen reconstruction law in the Egypt and the prominent reason for the initiation of the law.

Covax Facility delivered the new doses in Egypt

In this article, you will read about the new Third Batch of 1,766,400 AstraZeneca Vaccines which is delivered through the COVAX Facility. And how the world is standing with Egypt.

Forever changes: Climate lessons from ancient Egypt

In this article you will read about the ongoing climate change crisis in Egypt and how it's affecting the agricultural lifestyle of the people living there.

Egypt’s health Minister clears rumors about the vaccine’s suspension

Since the past week, a rumor has been spread among the people of Egypt about the suspension of the vaccination program. According to which people were told that the government had stopped the vaccination...

Egypt security against entry of new virus strains

According to health officials of Egypt, the country is securing its ports and airports to avoid the entrance of any new COVID-19 variants. Coronavirus’ third wave peak has ended In Egypt, and the graph of...

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