Turkey realigning ties with Egypt and Gulf rivals

In the article, you will read that Turkey is realigned with Egypt and about its previous rivalry with them. And what they need to change.

Islamic Women Are Facing the Men Dominance

In this article you will read about the fact how Islamic women are facing the men dominance in Egypt and how they overcome from it.

Russian observers set up at Egypt’s airports

In this article, you will read about the Russian observers staying at Egypt's airports for inspecting the security protocols that are being followed up.

Egypt: Overcoming the COVID Shock and Maintaining Growth

In this article you will read about the action which Egypt's government are planning to implement to bound up their failed economy during the covid-19 crisis.

‘Facebook Girl’ may be free, but oppression remains rife in Egypt

In this article you will read about the 40 people who just got the good news on this Eid. And also about the new allies of the Egypt.

Egypt releases activists amid US concerns over detentions

After spending months in pre-trial detention, Egyptian authorities are now finally releasing two activists and a journalist on Sunday.  According to officials and lawyers, President Joe Biden's administration, amid solicitude over the arrest and harassment...

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