Tigray Forces’ mess facing by Ethiopia

In this article you will read about the mess created by the Tigray forces in Ethiopia and the conditions through which civilians are going thorough.

Ethiopia: As the civil war rages, bodies float downriver into Sudan

In this article you will read about the ongoing war and the horror incidents happening in the Tigray region of the Ethiopia. And people have to displace from one place to another.

New Competition Emerged Between Ethiopia And Egypt

In this article you will read about the new competition of electricity between Egypt and Ethiopia, and the helping hands which they are getting from their allies.

Ethiopia Warns News Outlets Not to ‘Mischaracterize’ Tigray

Foreign news outlets publishing specific references that mischaracterize the country's war-torn northern Tigray region are in issue. They are getting warnings from Ethiopia's media regulator, which states that they can come under legal consequences...

Addis Standard news site suspended by Ethiopia’s media regulator

In this article you will read about the the suspension of an online outlet by the Ethiopian media regulator.

Tensions are holding up due to Ethiopia’s mega-dam.

Ethiopia has already started the construction of a mega-dam on a tributary of the Nile. But the things are not so simple as they seem to be. The construction of the mega-dam has stated...

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