Lakhimpur-Kheri accident question by Priyanka Gandhi

In this article you will read about the incident that happened with farmers of Lakhimpur-Kheri and the question poses by Priyanka Gandhi to PM Modi.

Has India Run Out Of Jobs? 4 Solutions

India celebrated 30 years of liberalization recently. A move that made India truly a Global Economy. Indian emerging economy was competing against China's and American economy. Indian generation was called the liberalized generation. Numerous jobs...

Mizoram-Assam Dispute | Police Clash Of State Governments

The latest Mizoram-Assam dispute wouldn't be the first inter-state dispute in India. There have been many previous incidents. But the level of the dispute now, the way it is playing out publicly, is unbelievable. The...

Independence Legendary Subhash Chandra Bose’s Story

Subhash Chandra was a Bengali nationalist Hindu. He had a goal of expelling the British from India through armed insurrection. Subhash And Congress He was an ICS (Indian Civil Service) officer from Bengal. Congress elected him...

Comparison between India and Bangladesh In Different Sectors

Comparison is always good for grasping good results in analysis. We usually analyze countries with economic figures. But today we are going to have a glance over comparison between India and Bangladesh in different...

Ladakh Occupied by China Again: Ex Indian Col Claims

In this article you will read about the claims of ex colonel of Indian army that China has reoccupied Ladakh region and has deployed there S-400 missile system to neutralize Indian air power.

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