African countries emphasis on polio vaccination to prevent life-long paralysis in children

Africa is the world's first region which has rolled out and vaccinated more than 80 million children with navel oral polio vaccine within the month of its emergency listing status by the World Health...

Test results are getting fake in Nigeria

In this article you will read about the COVID pandemic conditions in Nigeria, and how they are faking up the COVID-test results.

Hospital staffs are on strike in Nigeria

In this article you will read that due to the strike of hospital staff many people are suffering from a lot due to poor facilities in Nigeria.

Doctors from the foreign are coming back to their home

In this article you will read about, the migration of the doctors from the foreign country to their home in search of the jobs.

Nigeria to Harden the COVID-19 Norms

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country; thus, it has the highest responsibility to ensure that the infections are not spreading. The Delta Variant has most hardly stricken Africa with the COVID-19 virus. Nigeria is...

Cholera outbreak kills 325 in Nigeria

Right now, the entire world is going through an unimaginable crisis of COVID-19. We all suffered very much in the last two years during the outbreak of the coronavirus. But now, a new Cholera...

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