Lawyers network seeks resolution for the Nigerian doctors

In this article you will read about the strike of doctors in Nigeria and how lawyers are contributing in that. And presenting the issues of doctors.

Mass Abductions and re-opening of the schools in Nigeria

For the continuation of the 2021/2022 academic session in Nigeria, the schools are starting to open. Still, many children from the northern Nigeria region are not happy with the reopening of the schools. And...

Nigeria: The linkage of Super Cop with fraudster

In this article you will read about the super cop of the Nigeria. And the allegation which are charged on him and his linkage with the US fraudster.

Nigeria: 100 kidnapped villagers freed after 42-day captivity

In this article you will read about the kidnapped villagers who just got release from the gang of kidnappers after being kidnapped for 42 days and on going politics.

Kidnappers demand food for scores of school hostages in Nigeria

A group of kidnappers has abducted a boarding school in Nigeria. And now the kidnappers are demanding food for 100 starving students from their parents.Heavily armed gangs, known locally as bandits, have increasingly started...

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