Pregnancies in teenagers are a matter of concern

In this article you will read about the teenage pregnancies happening in South Africa between the age of 15-19 aged group.

H.I.V vaccine failure in Africa and the lessons from it

In this article, you will read about the failure of the H.I.V. vaccine in South Africa and the development of new vaccine by taking lessons from failure.

Hike in South Africa cases by 26,000 new Covid-19 cases

Delta variant emerged from India has made a record surge in Covid-19 cases in the third wave of South Africa. And South Africa has hit the mark of two million people diagnosed with Covid-19. On Saturday,...

COVID-19 Third Wave Impact on South Africa

On Saturday, South Africa recorded 18,762 COVID-19 new cases, which is the highest count since January. This took the total tally to 1,895,905. The horrifying stats are bursting high and high, and the rules...

Johannesburg, South Africa’s Largest city battles speedy rise of COVID-19

A rapid increase in COVID-19 has been observed in South Africa's largest city Johannesburg and threatens to overwhelm its hospitals. A city of 5 million people, Johannesburg and the surrounding Gauteng province account for almost...

South Africa came up with a load of undiagnosed diseases in its’s rural part

Recently a comprehensive health screening program in the northern rural region of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa shows a cluster of undiagnosed diseases of the people living there. The report also indicates the poor handling...

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