Cats: Amazing Facts About Meow Pets!

Cats, the name you most liked in homes. These are the little friends and for some, cats are everything. Pet Cats are mostly liked by people around the world.

Cats have their own point of attraction in a home. Mostly the kids like the cats’ pets a lot. However people do have cats as pets more than pet dogs. 

There are so many amazing facts, some of which you might have never heard before. The meow pet has unique life realities than other pets. Here is a description of it’s amazing facts:

Cats’ Names In Homes

Cat names are not about just giving any name to them. There is a difference in the names of cat pets according to their gender. 

As male cat is specifically identified as Tom, however, the name of a female cat would be complex. In most times the female cats are called Molly, but when they became pregnant or mother of kittens then they were called Queen!. 

Cats’ Average Lifetime 

There are many factors that influence a cat’s lifetime. Indoor cats are more likely to live long than wild cats. Good nutrition has worked a lot for cats. 

Cat lover’s must know that cats can live more than 13 to 17 years. However, some breeds of cats differ in this. The average life expectancy is about 17 years. Remember that Creme Puff, a cat, lived about 38 years.

Group Of Cats

Another amazing fact in cats is their groups and to refer to them differently in society. It further depends on the cats. Wild cats are more common than indoor cats. 

People used to call the group of wild cats “destruction of cats” or “glaring of cats”. However, indoors , if there is a group of little cats, people call them “Clowder of cats”. Moreover there is also a group of little meows, kittens and have a name as “litter of kittens” or “intrigue of kittens”.

Cats’ Food And Health

Cats, according to their nature, are carnivorous. They mostly like to eat fish. Wild cats’ have no limitations in eating any meat. However indoor cats are mostly differ in this case.

Although cats are milk lovers. Kittens take their mother’s milk. People must know that giving them cow’s milk would be dangerous in some cases. 

Accordingly, if you are giving them milk, make sure it is lactose free milk. Indoor Cats may take most nutritional food. People should give them Oats and grains too. Many cats like corn and Polenta. These are coarsely ground cornmeal. 

However you can also give them rice, barley and wheat berries. But make sure that you have mesh them well and cooked.

Cat’s Brain And Strength

It’s interesting to know that cats have brains that are physically similar to human brains. Almost 90% similar to the human brain. But they differ in size and weight. 

Cats’ brains weigh about 0.9% of their total weight. However cats are n’t as smart as dogs but they have certain skills. People used to train them with multiple skills. 

Cats are stronger and flexible in most cases. They can survive if falling from a greater height. According to a survey, cats have a strong grip on high jumps. They can set their bodies midway when falling from a high altitude. 

A Cat Do Have A Trip To Space

It is about a date back to October 1963, a cat did have a trip to space for the first time in history. It was a black and white tuxedo given a name as C 341. 

However it was a wild cat having no name as other cat pets. When the cat returned safe, it was given a name as “Felicette”. 

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Cats’ Eye Secretes 

Cats do have some eye features. Cats’ eyes may have different shades in days and differ in nights. However cats have an extraordinary night vision. The cats depend on their eyesight to hunt at night. 

Interestingly, all cats are born with blue eyes. This is not common to other animals. It takes a few weeks to come out with their true colors. 

Cats can rotate their eyes up to 180 degrees in different directions at the same time. This also means they do have better hearing abilities. 

Cats do not have eyelashes but have 2 to 3 eyelids. Third eyelid is called a “haw”. It works as a windshield wiper. These are some hairs around their eyes that look like eyelashes. 

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