Child migrants and refugees increased in number: UNICEF reports

According to the recent survey, UNICEF urged that Child migrants refugees have grown in number. Others are migrants living outside their born countries. 

A new Report published on Friday August 27, 2021 from UNICEF. It states that about 35.5 million children were living outside their birth country. Additionally 23.3 million are displaced internally. 

The Report also declared that during the course of the year there have been about 15 million new displacements. It counts about 41000 each day. Furthermore it is estimated that boys outnumber girls. 

UNICEF Report Outlined Gendered Influence On child Migration

The Report Outlined the influence in gendered migration. How the girls and boys are influenced in other countries. 

Therefore the report also explains how decision making of migration is gendered.

According to Ms. Knaus, the UNICEF’s global Lead for migration and displacement, girls and boys are motivated to migrate for different reasons. Boys are mostly migrate for labour and work. On the other hand girls migrate as a result of sexual violence. 

She also pointed out that educational differences also occurred during displacement. The more displaced girls are out of school than boys. She stated that in camps, the girls are 2.5 times more assumed to be out of school than boys. 

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Children Displacement and Trafficking Issues

Along with the migration and displacement there is a great number of girls and boys trafficking. The girls trafficking is on ultimate levels for sexual exploitation. While boys trafficking is done for forced labour. 

According to Verena Knaus, there are nearly 60 million girls and boys who migrated or were forcibly displaced from their countries. 

Today nearly 60 million girls and boys have migrated across borders or been forcibly displaced within their own countries.

Gendered Gaps Influence in child Migration and trafficking 

As far as children’s trafficking is concerned, the report also highlights how gender gaps exacerbated in humanitarian circumstances. 

The report thus revealed that gender plays an important role in children migration.

It is stated that the migration is a critical decision. In this a person makes it from home and continues to have experiences and vulnerabilities throughout the life’s journey.

Ms Verena Knaus said that an estimate of nine in ten children seeking refuge in Europe are boys. Most of them were from Afghanistan, Morocco and Syria. 

Report Analysis On Afghan child Migrants 

The Reports further revealed that Afghan migrants are on number one in the list of top ten countries. They are seeking asylum in Europe. However, according to the report, almost all of them are boys. 

The UNICEF official outlined the issue of gender imbalance over the analysis of Afghan Migrants. They analysed that more Afghan boys have migrated than girls. 

Ms Verena Knaus stated that: Where are Afghan girls and how they seek protection today and in the future. 

Key Recommendations Given In The Report about child migrants

The Report recommended the government to address the key issues regarding increasing migrants and displacement.

  •  Calls for taking Step ahead through coordination, disaggregation and standardization. 
  • Along with the certain processes, the report urges that the response should be gender transformative. 
  • To address issues of inequalities when it comes to international protection. 
  • There must be equal opportunities for migrants. They are provided all the security and assistance with improved foreign aid. 

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