China Emerges As Competitor in Commercial Space Projects

The new Space Station in China is emerging as a competitor in the international space industry. Jeff Manber, the chief executive of Nanoracks stated in a report that the company has lost business to China’s New Space station. 

There are many companies involved in Space missions that are facing a new competitor in China’s Space Station. On the other hand, Chinese officials have announced that they will cooperate with other companies with the use of the Space Station. 

Statement Of Nanoracks’ CEO

Nanoracks is a commercial Space Company that hosts payloads and launches satellites from international space stations. The CEO of Nanoracks gives arguments about China’s Space Station. 

He said that it’s the era of competition as China is rapidly emerging in the International space industry. He further added that they have planned to develop and double the Space activities on the International Space Station. Moreover the company at the same time is beginning to look at a new approach in commercial space stations. 

China’s Launch of  Space Station 

China launched its Space Station “Tiangong” in April 2021. Although the Space Station is not fully completed yet. It will take a year more to be finalized. Before this had happened, the International Space Station was the only Space Laboratory in the Orbit. 

Tiangong is also named “heavenly palace”. Scientists said that it would be a good step in research on Microgravity and Cosmic radiation effects. China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) has planned to launch up to 1000 experiments. 

China’s space researchers planned to build the new hardware technologies used for the Space Launches. These include small satellite launches for commercial purposes. China’s new Space station would have certain new Space facilities and many other features.

It has been China’s First Long-term space station. The mass of Tiangong is probably one-fifth of the International Space Station between 180, 000 and 220, 000 lb. It is about the Third Step of China’s Space Station program after the previous two launches of Tiangong-1 and Tiangong-2. These had performed over 100 experiments in Space. 

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Response of Other Space Companies  

Agnieszka Pollo, From National Center for Nuclear Research in Warsaw, responded to the situation and argued to NASA “there should be more space stations because one space station is definitely not enough”. According to her, China’s step would be a positive move in research and development 

Julie Robinson, the Chief Scientist from NASA has also given a positive complement to emerging China’s step. He said, “increased scientific access to space is of scientific benefit globally, no matter who builds it or operates it”. 

Tricia Larose, a medical Researcher from Oslo University said that the space station is offering new space facilities. They further added that they should keep building new hardware and send it to other companies as well.

China’s Point on its Space Station 

According to Chinese officials in the Space Station program, the new space station would be open for most other space companies. 

Assistant Director of CMSA, Ji Qimming stated in China daily in June that the company had selected 9 scientific projects from 17 countries to fly on the station. He further added that they are cooperating with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs to include other countries in this program. 

China had also joined the United States and Russia in the area of manned spaceflight. China has joined with the UNOOSA to organize foreign experiments to be conducted on China’s future space station. It has also declared that it would be excited to help train foreign astronauts to participate in missions to that station. 

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