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China Finds Signs Of Water In The “Ocean Of Storms” On The Moon

China finds signs of water in the ocean of storms on the moon. The researchers said they found evidence of water. That is in the form of a hydroxyl wrapped in a crystalline mineral known as apatite.

Chinese scientists have found traces of water in samples from the lunar lava field. Accordingly, it brought them closer to understanding their origin – a key question for future exploration of the Moon.

China Finds Evidence Of Hydroxyl Water On Moon

In an article by Nature Communications this week, the researchers said they examined the remnants of hardened lava. A part of an unmanned Chinese mission from a field known as the “Ocean of Storms”.

There, they found evidence of hydroxyl water trapped in a crystalline mineral with a name apatite. Hydroxyl, which consists of one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom. 

However, NASA have also found two hydrogens per oxygen in a water molecule, in samples decades ago. Thus, the hydroxyl origin of minerals such as apatite is probably native, scientists say.

China To Explore Water On The Moon

China has not yet fully explored the evidence but initiated the research. Researchers said that there was little or no hydroxyl from external sources. 

Accordingly, China started the Chang’e-5 mission. It has transported 1,731 grams of monsters in December 2020. Also, they extracted soil and rock from parts of the Oceanus Procellarum plain. 

Now, China has planned to launch more monthly missions in the coming years with water studies. It may also pave the way for in-situ water resources on the moon. 

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