China In Latin America For BRI Or Containment Of USA?

Containment of China is the USA’s new official policy. For this, the USA is using the Quad alliance. But not any member other than the USA is ready to open up new fronts of conflicts with China. Whereas China is gradually containing both India and the USA in different ways. 

China is gradually advancing in Latin America and Caribbean region. Its advancement is in BRI projects. It has the intention of stretching influence to LAC (Latin America And Caribbean). And it is looking very successful in it. 

Opportunities Of BRI For LAC

BRI is opening business avenues in the infrastructure, energy, and transportation sectors of LAC. Western experts grow concerns that these new projects are going to be a new debt trap for the region. 

Chinese Premier launched the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013 in Kazakhstan. The heartland of three continents Asia, Europe, and Africa. With this modern version of the silk road, China would be connected all over the world including LAC. 

LAC is the bright spark for Chinese investments. As BRI advances in the region more Chinese companies are getting contracts for construction and finance projects.

Trade Between LAC And China

LAC is conceiving China as its second-largest trading partner after the US. Trade between LAC and China is growing at an all-time high. According to Fitch Solutions growth was observed at 19% in the year 2018-19. That counts to US $307.4 bn. 

The economy has always been important in power building. LAC remained in US influence for decades. And have endured military and proxy interventions. Cuba is a powerful example of it.

Concluding Remarks

While the US is trying to contain its rivals. It cannot ignore LAC. What is happening these days in Haiti and Cuba? Is not away from great game 2. World leaders must ensure peace in their competitions. 

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