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China Initiates Unprecedented Military Drills Around Taiwan

China initiates Unprecedented military drills around Taiwan. The country has started large-scale military sea and air exercises around Taiwan. 

Accordingly, the forces have started live fire drills at 12:00 local time (04:00 GMT). This has taken place within a region of 12 miles of the Island. 

China Initiates Military Drills In Taiwan

China’s military started drilling on Tuesday night following the arrival of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei. Accordingly, Taiwan reported that China started to regard Taiwan as its own. And, is going to break United Nations rules.

Accordingly, Chinese military activity involves firing long-range ammunition. That was towards the shipping lanes in the Taiwan Strait, they continued on Wednesday. 

China Initiates Unprecedented Military Drills Around Taiwan

Afterwards, Taiwan reported the drills have invaded its territorial space and amounted to a blockade of its air and sea. 

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Statement Of Bonnie Lin

Analyst Bonnie Lin reported in a media briefing. She said: 

Taipei would react militarily, though there was a risk of confrontation between the pair. 

“For example, if China decides to fly planes over Taiwan’s airspace, there is a chance that Taiwan might try to intercept them. And we could see a mid-air collision, we could see a lot of different scenarios playing out.” 

On the other hand, Beijing later announced a raft of retaliatory economic measures on Tuesday in response to Pelosi’s visit. According to which the US has blocked some international trade with the island. 

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