China limits young gamers to only 3 hours a week of gaming

In China, young gamers are being limited to 3 hours a week of gaming by the Chinese government. Young gamers under the age of 18 are only allowed to play 1 hour a day on Weekends, Holidays, and Fridays.

Earlier, this time limit was up to 90 minutes a day, changing it to only 3 hours on non-working days between 8 pm to 9 pm. The latest update regarding these restrictions is announced by The National Press and Publication Administration to the news agency Xinhua.

The regulator stated that there will be an increase in inspections of gaming companies regarding the obeying of these rulings. Making sure young gamers are being enforced.

Before the month of these restrictive orders, an article by the State-run Economic Information Daily disclosed that youngsters are addicted to online gaming, and it’s impacting their life negatively. Until recently the Online gaming industry holds massive profits in China.

Introducing Facial Recognition to identify Young Gamers

In July, Tencent, China’s gaming giant announced that they’re introducing a new feature of facial recognition to stop young gamers from gaming at late hours from 10 pm to 8 am. This change was followed by the terror that children are finding a way to disobeying the rules by using adult ID’s.

Government being Protective of Youth

The Chinese government aims to strict the rules regarding online gaming and the amount of time young children and teenagers are spending on the internet.

They express concern about the excessive time children are spending playing these games and not on something valuable for their future. The regular stated that the actions are taken to protect the mental and physical health of children.

Lisa Cosmas Hanson who’s associated with analyzing the Asian game market reportedly draws attention towards the Chinese government banning the import of Game Consoles for past years. Chinese authorities were always been taking actions regarding the negative impacts of tech whether it’s about Chinese cyber security banning the biggest ride-hailing app Didi from the play store because it was a threat to the youngster’s data or putting fintech giant like Ant on hold as they were failing to meet their conditions. This draws a clear picture of the Chinese government being protective of its youth.

Impact of the Capital

The capital of the country, Beijing were previously skeptical about the tech growth, expansion in the capital, and its impact on the younger generation.

The authorities were always in favor I’m of limiting the exposure that leads to addictive habits. By imposing these rules the government is claiming that they are raising the “positive energy” among Chinese youth by teaching them correct values that are believed by the capital.

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The loss of Chinese Tech

The authorities were always been concerned about online gaming as well as other online activities performed by the youth. This new ordinance came as a loss for big tech companies like Tencent, NetEase, Alibaba, and Didi.

Tencent which is the world’s largest gaming firm reportedly mostly holds a position in the Us gaming market. The friction by the government is not just limited to the gaming industry but as well as the Chinese tech industry. The Chinese tech industry is being affected the most in this process as it’s sunk in loss of almost hundreds of billions because of consisting a large amount of traffic of Chinese youngsters.

The Response of Young Gamers

This new obligation and limitations are making the Chinese youngsters outrageous. The Chinese government is receiving a lot of hate on social media where the youngsters are expressing their feelings towards these new rules.

They are quite unhappy with the laws as they’re calling them names, attacking the old age of authorities, and questioning their knowledge of gaming.

This sparks criticism on the other laws as people are asking that why sexual consent is allowed at the age of 14/16 but in terms of gaming, the youngster has to be 18 years old.

This came as expected so the authorities are explaining that it’s a mandatory step for the future of these children and the authorities have to be “ruthless” in this matter.

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