China reports another case of bird flu virus

The deadly corona virus has already brought the world to a halt. Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan, China. As per reports, China has registered the first case of H10N3 virus, a strain of bird flu virus.

China’s national health commission confirmed the case first ever case of human infection with the H10N3 strain of bird flu virus.

As evident from the name, virus is transmitted from the poultry and the risk of spreading is very low. The case is detected in a 41 years old male living in Zhenjiang – A city of eastern province of China.

The Chinese Centre of disease control has confirmed the case by running a blood sample from the patient. Authorities have traced the patient and he is kept under medical observation.

41 year old man was admitted after developing fever and other related symptoms. A state-run channel reported, “Patient is currently stable and  will soon get discharged”.  

NHC advised the people from surrounding areas to wear mask, maintain a proper hygiene protocol and avoid dead poultry items. People are also advised to stay away from live birds.

What is Bird Flu virus and how it can be prevented?

Bird Flu is a viral infection that infect domesticated birds and its H or N subtype is classified according to the protein present on the viral capsule.

Symptoms Includes; fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing and nausea Bird flu can only be prevented if we cook the meat/eggs properly and avoid contacts with live birds. Meat cooked at 73.9ºC is considered safe.

How has this virus mutated in the past?

In 2011, a mutated strain of highly pathogenic bird flu appeared, H5N1, killing about 1/3rd of the infected population. In 2013, a new strain, H7N9, appeared in China. H7N9 strain of bird flu killed around 281 people in 2016 -2017, as per WHO reports.

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