China Send Gift Covid Vaccines To Bangladesh After India’s Straight Refusal


Bangladesh is facing high tensions of low supplies of covid vaccines. Currently, 168 million nationals are enduring attacks of deadly delta variants. Experts are considering vaccines as the sole solution to pandemics. Bangladesh got initial supplies of vaccines from India. Since March, India is not fulfilling its Bangladeshi order of Astrazeneca vaccines. 

Bangladesh is looking for alternative supply chains of jabs. It contacted China in this regard. China agreed to support and provided a 30 lakhs jabs gift. Both countries’ final agreement for 3 crores doses of vaccines. 

Indian Bangladeshi FMs Meetup At Uzbekistan

Bangladeshi top diplomat AK Abdul Momen met Indian counterpart recently in Uzbekistan. Both officials discussed matters of mutual interest. The Daily Star reported that Jai Shankar refused to give any hope of exporting vaccines to Bangladesh. 

Indian Foreign Minister commented that India is increasing the overall production of vaccines. And is trying to massively inoculate the huge population of its country. And is not intending vaccine exports in near future. He also suggested his Bangladeshi counterpart find alternative supply chains of vaccines. 

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Serum Institute And China To Help out Bangladesh

Serum Institute of India is a major manufacturer of covid vaccines. In starting it supplied 7 million doses of Astrazeneca vaccines to Bangladesh. But after the deadly Delta variant strike in India, it halted further supplies to Bangladesh to counter local demands. Serum Institute has an agreement with Bangladesh to supply more than 30 million doses.

AK Abdul Momen in Uzbekistan met Chinese counterpart. He thanked for emergency supplies of vaccines. China is playing a vital role in supporting regional countries to counter pandemics. Vaccine diplomacy without political ambitions is the need of the hour. Human Rights and humanity must survive in all difficult times. 

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