China Sent Demo Satellites to Research on Internet Constellation Mission

China has launched two payloads on trial. In order to set the constellation of the Internet in Space. A Long March 2C lifted off on August 24, 2021 Tuesday from Jiuquan Space base. 

She decided to Step ahead to lead thousands of Launches to extend its commercial space network. As China has already deployed it’s spacecraft by SpaceX and OneWeb. Moreover China has planned to launch 13000 satellites for the constellation. 

China To Set Satellites On Mega Space Network

China plans to develop the satellites on a large scale. She is openly competing with other countries in space network building. There are many companies studying their own satellite communication to develop mega constellations. 

China’s State Owned Company (CASIC) China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation seeks to develop a global network of LEO satellites. The first satellite was sent into Space in December 2018 named as Hongyun. 

After the end of 2020, China announced plans to develop a large-scale global internet connectivity under the limitations of regulatory filings with the International Telecommunication Union.

There are large State-owned companies in Space technology in China. Moreover the plans for a new satellite network reflects the importance of global Internet Infrastructure.

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About Long March 2C Rocket

 The Long March 2C rocket is capable to take maximum number of launches for different satellites on a single mission. 

The other name of the Long March 2C is as Chang Zheng 2C (CZ 2C). The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology has designed this rocket. The rocket made its first launch on September 9, 1982. It consists of Nitrogen tetroxide and Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine.  

This time the Long March 2C rocket is lifted with the ultimate payload fairing. It is launched with a tube-shaped multi-satellite adapter structure inside its payload fairing.

Response from USA 

The USA is a leading state in space related developments. China is in a competition with space development and seeking to develop their own network. 

In the USA there is a ban on various Chinese internet networks. The USA is continuously looking for the steps taken by China. Starlink is the most advanced space company from the USA. 

The U.S. military and Government is tracking the data of rocket’s Yuanzheng 1S from Chinese RSW. It is on an orbit about 680 miles (1,100 kilometers) above Earth. It has an inclination of 89.4 degrees to the equator.

China initiated the Space competition after the ongoing developments of USA’s Starlink Space Company. Starlink had launched and stationed over 1000 satellites. It is providing services for customers from Canada and northern USA. SpaceX is taking advantage of Starlink’s ongoing competition with other space companies. 

China and her Future Step

She is growing in the Space missions. It has planned thousands of space missions after the 2019 pandemic. It is back with its full preparation even though most of the analysts suggest that China will step ahead from the USA in this competition. 

The Development of the 5G network is also from China. China has been able to initiate certain new technologies and the Space missions are the foremost objectives of China’s future development. 

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