China to build a kilometers long spacecraft!

China aims to build a Spaceship that is kilometers long. This is to send in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for long term space missions. China is about to take strong steps to assess the ultimate space programs. 

China is working on its latest five year plan and the building of giant spacecraft is one of its objectives. This project would prove to be a “game changer” for China. 

As a major contender in Spaceflight, China has already launched heavy vehicles to Space. Recently China has developed its space stations under the Tiangong program and sent space explorers to deep space exploration to mars and moon. 

China’s Long Spacecraft Project 

The National Natural Science foundation of China started this project along with it’s top ten projects. The amount for this project is awarded about $2.3 million. 

According to the South China Daily Mail (SCDM), the elements of Spacecraft are built on earth and sent to orbit. Then these will be assembled in space. 

It will be a major Aerospace equipment. China will use it in future space explorations, to research mysteries in space along with the long term space missions. 

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Challenges For China In Building Kilometers long Spacecraft

There are several challenges in the way of accomplishing such a great deal. 

  • Firstly, China needs a great number of launches to complete assembly of elements. The larger elements to be deployed first and there would be many larger elements. 
  • Secondly, the overall process would be complicated. It takes great efforts and techniques to handle because of excessive number of elements in order to build longer spanning spacecraft 
  • The most important is it’s required building cost which is assumed to be in trillions of dollars. The cost to be incurred on various deployments and machinery used. 

China’s Space mission and Five Year Plan

China has accomplished certain space missions. This is the Chinese 14th Five year plan space program approved on 11th March. Under this plan China is going to step ahead in the Space control system.

The broad objectives of the Plan are to develop closer ties between academia and industry. Some of the main concerns include: artificial intelligence, quantum information, genomics, deep space and deep sea exploration. 

 China to create a strategic research force for these objectives. The Space programs are believed to be the most focussed because of it’s growing concerns. 

China is going to be self-reliant by creating its own space stations. Furthermore China has become the first nation to land robotic mission on the far side of moon ( the chang’e- 4 lander and rover) 

China’s 6th Annual National Space Day

China observed its 6th Annual National Space day in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province. There were about 300 activities including lectures and exhibitions. 

All the leading scientists and Researchers of the China Space industry were present there in the conference. The China National Space Administration announced the plans about new steps on this day. 

Recently China has announced plans to launch a crewed mission to Mars in 2033. That will also be the part pf it’s five year plan

China is going to build its permanent base on Mars. These all are its space developments under the 14th five year plan. 

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