ChinaSat-9B: China launched a communication satellite

China conducted the launch of Long March 3B carrying the ChinaSat-9B. The liftoff was held in Xichang on September 9, 2021. 

It was the 33rd launch from China and became the 31st successful from all the launches planned in 2021. The ChinaSat-9B sent the communications satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit. 

According to China Aerospace Science, the ChinaSat-9B had entered it’s specified orbit within an hour of launch. 

China’s Aims For The Launch Of ChinaSat-9B 

Following are the main aims for the launch of ChinaSat-9b.

  • It will replace the Zhongxing-9A satellite in orbit. 
  • The live broadcast services
  • Provide live transmission services for big events.
  • Support television communications with chinese islands and ships
  • Provide communication services for rescue of emergency situations and disasters
  • It will also support the broadcast of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in 8K.

The Capability Of ChinaSat-9B Satellite 

The other name for ChinaSat-9B is ZX-9. The first launch of ChinaSat-9B was from Xichang satellite launch center on 9th June 2008. It is one of the several ChinaSat spacecraft in orbit.

Previously the launch of ChinaSat was for the 2008 Olympics game. Afterwards it is subsequently used for communication services. 

The Satellite ChinaSat-9B is operated by The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC) subsidiary China Satcom.  The satellite is based on an enhanced version of DFH-4E. 

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) developed the Platform DFH-4E. This is part of the Chinese major satellites manufacturing arm of CASC. 

The mass of DFH-4E is about 5,500 kg. The features of its technology contains hybrid electric and Chemical Propulsion. 

About China Aerospace Science And Technology 

China Aerospace Science And Technology Corp. Is the industrial aerospace equipment company. It produces and manufactures various launch vehicles, manned spacecrafts, deep space detector satellites and many other space products. 

CASC also functions for the manufacturing of Defense equipment. Furthermore it operates investment  businesses. 

On the other hand, China Satcom controls and operates 15 satellites in orbit. These satellites include the ChinaSat and Apatar series satellites. Among which Zhongxing-9b replaced Zhongxing-9a. 

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China’s First Communication Satellite 

China launched its first two communication satellites developed by Wuhan based Sanjiang group. The name for the satellite was Kuaizhou-14 from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC).

This was the time of the COVID-19 in Wuhan. According to the Xinhua news agency, despite the pandemic issues, the staff worked hard for the launch mission. 

Hence, the launch was about the purpose of the Chinese low orbit constellation for Internet-of-things communication. The scientists tested the satellites in industries including marine, forestry and engineering machinery. 

CASC’s New Launch After ChinaSat-9B 

CASC has conducted 33 launches till now in 2021. Among these, 31 became successful in the missions out of 40 planned launches. ChinaSat-9B is also one of the successful launches.

Now CASC is deciding to send the other launches for the orbital mission. That is the launch of the Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft to the Tianhe space station in about next two weeks. 

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