Chinese Four Historical Eras campaign launched

Chinese Four Historical Eras publicity and the educational campaign are being launched. To mark the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party (CCP) in July this year.

In addition to this campaign, the country’s president and secretary-general of the Communist Party, Xi Jinping, launched a campaign on February 20 this year to acquaint members of the Communist Party with the history of the Communist Party.

Against the backdrop of issues such as the Great Depression, the economic challenge, and other conflicts facing China, the Chinese leadership believes that informing the public of these officially confirmed historical eras will help smooth public opinion and rule.  The party’s power will be morally justified. And public support for its vision of development will increase.

What are the Chinese four historical eras?

The four Chinese historical eras mean the history of the CCP, the history of modern China, the history of China’s reform and opening up of the economy, and the history of the development of socialist thinking globally over the past five centuries.  This interpretation of history has, in fact, been made from the mind and point of view of the ruling CCP.

China’s ruling party has always insisted on teaching the history of the party and the country. But the current leadership of the CCP, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, focused on the history of reform and opening up the economy and socialist thinking in China.  It also emphasizes enlightenment from the history of promotion and development.  He hopes that in this way the thinking and ideas of the party members and the people will mature.

It has become a nationwide campaign. following an announcement issued by the CCP on May 25.  The announcement said that the promotion and awareness of the “four Chinese historical eras” should be created. Especially among the youth to help them understand why the CCP is successful. 

Western Media Sources

The English-language newspapers and media outlets in China, whose readers, listeners, and viewers are mostly from the outside world, rarely mention the four historical eras campaign.  But Chinese-language magazines and media outlets are full of comments, analyses, and articles.

At the end of the five-year session of the Communist Party Congress, it was decided by a unanimous vote to make ‘Xi Jinping’s thinking’ part of the constitution.

Role Of CCP

The Chinese government is highlighting the role of the CCP in building a new China. It introduced economic reforms. And opened up the economy to investment. which helped the country grow economically.  And the people prospered.

The CCP hopes that the public knowledge of these four histories will strengthen its claim. That the ruling party is capable of taking the Chinese people to new heights of development and prosperity. And thus increasing its popularity among the people.  

Vision Of CCP

The CCP believes that a study of the four histories will also help reinforce the notion. That China’s socialist system is better than other political systems. And will help end the debate in the country.  That China also needs political reform. So that it does not stand alone in the world. Where Western political traditions and thinking take precedence.

Historians from countries other than China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have also done scholarly work on China’s recent history. But their views do not necessarily align with those of China’s ruling party.

In 2013, President Xi Jinping expressed concern that hostile forces inside and outside the country were attacking the history of the CCP and modern China. With the primary goal of dispersing the minds of the people and making them Chinese. 

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