Chinese Tiktok Version Douyin also limits Children on the App

Chinese Tiktok version named Douyin will also limit the usage of their platform for 40 minutes a day.
These new limitations are for young children under the age of 14.

They are required for authorization to use their real identities and will be allowed to access the app between 6:00 to 22:00.

Bytendance, the Parent company presents the Youth Mode in a post.

They are claiming themselves as the first short video company to ever limit their users in the whole industry.

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Chinese Tiktok Acts after Gaming Crackdown in China

It’s a result of the recent gaming crackdown on young gamers by the Chinese Government.

A couple of weeks before, the Chinese government introduced new limitations and rulings for Young gamers. The government put a limit on the amount of time children spend on gaming. The limitations approve only 3 hours of gaming a week.

The youngsters under the age of 18 are only allowed to play on weekends from Friday to Sunday an hour each.

The rulings came as a surprise for the Chinese youth and made them frustrated. The government received a lot of backlash from the public especially from the receivers of the new limitations.

Even after receiving the backlash, the government stood on its ground and express that no matter how cruel it looks but it’s the right thing to do for the future of their youth.

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The government was worried about the future generation and the amount of time they spend on computers playing gaming. The new rules are for turning the youth towards a productive and bright future ahead.

There were also some drawbacks because of the new limitations as the tech industry suffers a huge loss. The big gaming giants faced loss and more importantly, the Chinese tech industry is the most affected by it.

The gaming crackdown also proved to be bad for China’s status in Asian Games as the rulings limited users to practice, therefore the dominance and power existed for the competitors.

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The Users Agreement on Chinese Tiktok Douyin

There’s no minimum age required on the platform to use the app. But terms of children who are under 18years old must require a legal guardian for consent, according to the user’s agreement of Douyin.

On Tiktok, the sister application, the minimum age is set to 13years old.

Douyin is also launching the latest educational content for the youngsters in Youth Mode. The content includes Museum Exhibitions, Historical Explainers, and Science Experiments as part.

In the post, they said, “Yes, we are much more strict with young teenagers. We will function hard to provide valuable content so that youngsters can learn and know the world.”

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The Limitations are as Expected

These rulings on Chinese Tiktok are in talks for a long time.

The official media is warning and reporting about the growing amount of time youngsters are spending on the internet for the last three years. It’s impacting their mental and physical health.

Chinese spend more than 5hours online a day, according to the data from Social Media Agency, We Are Social. The two hours are just on social media. Also, the data doesn’t include children under 16.

Since Covid-19, online learning is usual in China due to pandemic. 95% of Chinese youth (183 million minors) are online nowadays, according to the official broadcaster CGTN.

In 2018, because of improving levels of near-sightedness in children, Chinese regulars were seeking to limit the internet time of children.

Douyin, similar to Tiktok, is most popular among young users. So, China’s top regulator, the CAC(Cyberspace Administration of China) requested to create a quality cyberspace environment for the healthy advancement of youngsters.

In 2019, the rivals of Douyin introduced child locks for children for anti-addiction measures. They also experiment with functions that can help limit the time spent by children.

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