Cholera outbreak kills 325 in Nigeria

Right now, the entire world is going through an unimaginable crisis of COVID-19. We all suffered very much in the last two years during the outbreak of the coronavirus. But now, a new Cholera outbreak has turned the tables.

But in a significant time, we were very excellent at tackling it. We came up with a vaccine, and in many countries, the vaccination process is going very well.

So as in Nigeria, Nigeria was dealing with the new variant of covid previously. And there was already a hassle of treatments in hospitals.

According to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said in a report. Between January and June of this, 325 people in 15 states and the capital of Nigeria year have lost their lives during the outbreak of Cholera.

In an update of the Cholera outbreak in Nigeria on Saturday, a total of 14,343 cases of Cholera was reported from 15 states. And the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) during the period, with 325 deaths.

According to the report, about 27 percent of confirmed cases came across the country in the 5-14 years bracket.

The health agency also claims that the supporting states have to ensure a rapid, and effective response to the current outbreak.
Including, immediate response, teams to support the reaction at the state level, provision of medical supplies. And also scale-up of risk communications amongst other activities.

It is a hazardous disease present in its most severe form by a sudden onset of acute watery diarrhea leading to severe dehydration.

The outbreak is frequently present in Nigeria due to the lack of potable water supply, especially in densely populated areas.

But we hope that this problem will also pass away like others, and the Nigerians can take a breath of relief.

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