Climate change and Human Rights: UNHRC passed the resolution

The resolution on climate change and human rights raised by Bangladesh has been passed by the United Nations. The resolution raised by Bangladesh in the recent assembly of the UN Human Rights Council has been unanimously adopted.

The resolution on this issue was adopted by the Human Rights Council on Thursday, July 15. The resolution was adopted at the recent 47th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the envoy of the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh said.

Climate change and human rights

The impact of climate change has long been discussed. Experts believe that the ever-changing climate is threatening human rights.

After the adoption of the resolution by the UN Human Rights Council, the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister said that the effects of climate change are greatest in third world countries.

Climate change is constantly pushing human rights to the brink of extinction, where important issues such as food and shelter have become uncertain.

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Context of the Resolution

Bangladesh’s proposal to avoid the negative effects on human rights has been unanimously adopted. Three other countries, including Bangladesh, have played a major role in the proposal.

However, since 2008, Bangladesh has been raising the issue with the UN Human Rights Council.

In the resolution raised at the just-concluded 47th session, Russia spoke of changes. But the proposal of changes was not accepted at all.

Goal of the resolution

On behalf of Bangladesh, Special Envoy of the Permanent Mission Mostafizur Rahman presented the proposal in the session of the Human Rights Council. The main goal of this proposal is to reduce the negative impact on human rights.

The proposal emphasizes the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. It also calls for global warming to be kept within 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Adequate assistance has also been mentioned in developing countries to address the effects of climate change. In other countries, such as Bangladesh, developed countries have been called upon to provide adequate financial assistance to address the situation, including adaptation and mitigation.

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