Climate Change: The World On “Catastrophic Pathway”, UN Reports

Climate Change around the world is on a catastrophic pathway. The head of the United Nations said on Friday that the world is on a catastrophic pathway toward a hotter future. 

He urged that the governments need to take serious concerns to cut the greenhouse gas effects. The UN released a new report on the issue. The report shows all the national commitments made by the signatories. 

According to the report, the greenhouse gas emissions are on a rise despite being reduced. The estimates show that it will further rise up to 16% by 2030. 

Climate Change : Analysis by UN Climate Chief

According to the UN Climate Chief Patricia Espinosa, the world is going to be warmer by about 2.7 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. 

In a news conference, she said that it is not enough, what they had on the table. She stressed the need for more ambitious commitments and implementation of signatories’ nations. 

Adding to this, she said that the 16% increase is a great cause of concern. It is the highly worst situation for which all the experts have to react. 

She called the nations to take rapid, sustained and large scale emission reduction plans and strategies. Thus to take special concerns for the countries facing the most vulnerable climate consequences. 

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NDCs Report On Climate Change 

NDCs, the Nationally Determined Contributions is a report on contributions against climate change. More than 113 countries have submitted updates about their contributions to reduce greenhouse emissions. 

As a result of NDCs, the emissions have dropped about 12% for their countries. However, a few dozen countries are not going to implement any climatic measures. These may include: China, India or Saudi Arabia etc.

On seeing the report, Espinosa urged that this is not actually the required achievement at all. Moreover she called the global leaders for next week’s gathering at Newyork. Thus she urged the global leaders to make strong commitments in the upcoming Climate Summit in glasgow.

Countries Responsible For Climate Change 

There are only a few major countries who are contributing to negative climatic impacts. They are emitting greenhouse gases at unlimited amounts. These include China The United States, Russia and the leading countries of the European Union.

According to a recent Climate report,  there are only 100 investors and state-owned fossil fuel companies which contribute around 70% of world’s Greenhouse gases emissions. 

This is because of industrial and technological development that has given rise to the spoiling of natural resources. Emissions of Carbon dioxide lead to the increase in climate changing issues furthermore.

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Primary Sources Of Greenhouse Gases Emissions And Obstructions In Their Reduction 

There is a need to know the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, it is estimated by some of the major sources. These include Electricity and Heat (25%), Transportation (14%), Agricultural Practices, forestry and other land use (24%), industry (21%), buildings (6%), and other energy (10%). 

Global contributions in the way of reducing these estimates of greenhouse gases are no more enough at all. Firstly the developed countries are not agreed on a proper commitment for Climate Control Measures.

Following the ultimate forest fires and continuous deforestation have given rise to climate change. Moreover, not a single law and rule is implemented against carbon emissions till now. 

Statement Of Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan is the executive director of Greenpeace International. She said that the Paris Accord is the only possible way to reduce greenhouse emissions. There would be courageous leadership and bold decisions. 

She further stressed that the world is under a climatic emergency now. Thus it is time to make strong commitments for the future of Earth and next generations. 

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