Climate risk country profile: Congo, Democratic Republic

Climate change is the biggest concern nowadays. So many people like Bill gates are so much concerned about this. But, unfortunately, the daily rise of the temperature can further cause no life to exist on this planet. And one country has talked about this too.

This climate risk profile is proposed to assist public welfare in facilitating upstream country diagnostics, policy dialogue, and strategic planning by implementing extensive overviews of trends and projected changes in key climate parameters, sector-specific implications, and opportunities for further actions.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo, here associated with the DRC, is located in central sub-Saharan Africa, within the Congo Basin. Minerals such as hydropower potential, cobalt and copper, significant arable land, and immense biodiversity are endowed with unique natural resources by the DRC.
The Nationally-Determined Contribution to the UNFCCC in 2016 submitted by DRC outlines its environmental goals and sustainable development agenda.

DRC annual temperatures are projected to increase between +1.7°C to +4.5°C by the end of the century.
Heatwaves are going to become more common and longer-lasting.
Temperatures will continue to rise across the DRC through the end of the century across all emission scenarios.
The record of observations and meteorological network across DRC is scarce, feigning a challenge for future rainfall projections.
With no significant changes in annual precipitation, rainfall is projected to become substantially more variable, with a likely increase in frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall events.
This is expected to harm agriculture, water, energy, forestry, health, and available agricultural land, freshwater resources, and ecosystems.

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