Clock ticks again in Egypt

A current announcement from The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities tells that the maintenance developments and restoration work at Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Citadel in Cairo is finished. And after decades of non-operation, the first ticking clock of the citadel’s tower, Egypt, starts working again. 

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The work algorithm of the clock

On Sept 16, the ministry announced that after years of non-operation, Egyptian craftsmen had repaired the clock. And the trials of the clock’s mechanism has started to ensure the continuation of it. The ministry posted this information on its Facebook page

The restoration is finished already, and it has provided a lustrous colour to bring up the old look. They have also finished up fixing the stained glass panels and the rims of the circular iron columns.

 King of France, Louis Philippe, have gifted this clock to the earlier ruler of Egypt. Muhammad Ali Pasha, in 1846, accepted this as a present. And it was kept at the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. Inscribed in a metal tower and stained glass panels, in the centre of the northwestern hallway.

Firstly the plan was to place it at the palace of Muhammad Ali Pasha in the Shubra area. But after few times, it had transferred to the mosque during the reign of Khedive Abbas I in 1856.

The clock was a return gift from France, earlier during the era of Ramses II. 

Designers of the clock

The maintenance and the restoration of the clock was a success after facing many difficulties. And in the upcoming weeks, there will be an announcement regarding its functionality. Some final touches are due to test the operation of the clock. 

In November 2020, it was planned to send an expert of watch manufacturing, Francois Simon-Fustier, for restoring the Clock in Cairo upon Egypt’s request. He was responsible for examining and preparing the reports for the restoration. 

On Dec 1, 2020, Simon-Fustier, who had started his current work in Egypt, posted a pic of Caio from the top of the tower. 

The purpose of hiring a French expert to repair it is that the clock is also from France. And being an expert, he has complete knowledge of how to handle it. 

Fustier send the clock’s report and the list of the resources necessary for the repair of the clock. 

However, according to Talaat, an Egyptian expert from Luxor is going to handle the work of the clock. The expert discussed all the problems that are hindering the operation of the clock. So the ministry has provided them with the opportunity to work on it accordingly.  

It’s past

Talaat informed that after so many hardships of months, the lustrous look of the clock is back. And currently, the maintenance team is innovating a plan for the clock’s self-winding. 

Earlier, King Farouk tried to repair this clock in 1943, but it only proceeded for three days. After three days, the work eventually stopped. In 1984, once again, it started, and it was completed at that time. However, after several days, it’d stopped working.

Shammaa appreciates the workforce and expertise of Egypt. 

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