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CO2 Battery Helps Store Solar And Wind Energy, New Research Says

CO2 Battery helps store solar and wind energy, according to new research. 

Although removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is one of the key battles in the fight against climate change.

Now, an Italian startup has found a way to make CO₂ a weapon against global warming.

Accordingly, Energy Dome launched the first CO₂ battery plant in Sardinia and entered a commercial expansion phase.

CO2 Battery To Store Solar And Wind Energy

CO2 Battery is an emission-free storage method that saves energy from the sun and wind. CO₂ plays an advantageous role in this process. 

Because, It has properties that help save electricity from a sustainable energy source when it is converted from gas to liquid. 

Accordingly, Storage technology can change the way solar and wind energy is used, as these are variable energies that can only be achieved in sunlight or wind.

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How does it work? 

This method saves energy by pressure and heat. Then, the process begins by storing CO gas, from commercial suppliers, in a large closed dome. 

Now, when energy enter into the system, it pushes the gas through the compressor to compress it in the liquid

Afterwards, it collects and stores from this compression for later use. And, when it’s time to release energy, the heat re-evaporate the liquid CO₂ and its expansion. 

Now, when it turns into gas and back into the dome – drives a turbine that produces energy. .Although it sounds difficult, the method requires only steel. 

Statement Of Claudio Spadacini

Claudio Spadacini is the CEO of the project. He said: 

Co₂ battery is fully durable and fully recyclable.” 

 “We only use iron to make CO₂ batteries and we only use water once to fill our water tank. When running CO₂ batteries we don’t use water and we only use a small amount of CO₂ to recharge the battery initially without consuming CO₂ during operation.” 

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