Cocaine seized in South Africa came up from Brazil

In recent months, South Africa had made a rapid succession by seizing a large number of cocaines. This represents that how the country is playing a prominent role as transiting points for Latin American cocaine.

The recent seizure happened in August when police seized around one tone of cocaine. The container had arrived from Brazil’s port of Santos at the port of Durban, sub-Saharan Africa’s largest seaport.

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Seized Cocaine 

Since March 2021, the confiscation is around 4 tons of the amount of cocaine seized in the country. From several places, police have seized the cocaine. 

On March 1, it has seized around 1000 kgs from a fishing vessel. June 2, it has captured around 800 kgs from a towed jet ski. On June 22, 541 kgs from a container depot and on July 9, 715 kgs from police vehicles

According to the South African Police Service (SAPS), all the drugs were travelled from the Brazilian port of Santos. However, only one of them was able to make up to shipping containers at Durban. 

Also, it’s confirmed that at least one criminal gang is involved in the latest three seized shipments of cocaine. Some news outlets also claim that these groups are also engaged in additional shipments in Australia and South Africa. 

Most of these drugs were actually for other countries. But only 20% of them were behind for the payment to the traffickers and the domestic market. 

Local media are claiming that they had identified the suspect of this cocaine trafficking. Israel nation and six other nations are on trial for the drug trafficking ring. 

InSight Crime Analysis

With the rapid expansion in the domestic market and many routes destination in Egypt, South Africa is now the vital connection in the global cocaine trade. It’s also having several relationships with the developing markets of cocaine-like Hong Kong etc. 

South Africa has many active and vast domestic markets of cocaine. And many international and regional are into this operation. 

Most of the exclusive supplies happen from Brazil and from many criminal groups. 

Shipments of Cocaine

According to the 2019 ENACT Africa project’s country profile, most of the delivered cocaine got help through the country’s transport infrastructure. But this resides here, and much high-level police corruption and resource shortage also help in the transports of the drugs quickly. So it’s not only the criminals planning and their strategies that are working out. But also many corrupt and careless people are contributing a lot to let this happen. 

Due to such corruption activities, the drug rate in South Africa is increasing rapidly. The majority of the drugs goes to Europe through ship containers via planes. Each smuggler does a lot for transferring this. And this shows the Southern Route of the export of Afghan heroin to the European seaports. 

The rest of the shipments are for Hong Kong, where the Latin American traffickers are trying their best to grow demand. 

South Africa is also a prominent stop of cocaine from Australia. And the cost of the single kilo here lies between somewhat $90,000 and $300,000.

According to Richard Chelin, the Senior Researcher, South Africa lies at the midway point in the migration of criminals. With time South Africa is becoming the first choice for foreign criminals. Many criminals from Nigeria, Pakistan, China, etc., are migrating to South Africa. 

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