Coffee: How to make it useful along with side effects?

Coffee is a widely used brewed drink. There are certain tips to make it useful. Although it would have different side effects. However coffee is the most grown commodity around the world. It is produced in more than 70 countries. 

Coffee has a stimulating effect due to the presence of caffeine content in it. It is dark colored and slightly acidic in taste. Coffee is produced for its use of coffee beverages. 

Coffee: Use As Beverages 

The roasted coffee beans prepare the coffee beverages. People used to prepare it in different ways. Some of which include: Cappuccino, Cafe latte, French press, Espresso and many others.

The coffee beverages are commonly served hot but iced coffee is also liked by many. The Cappuccino is the richest coffee beverage among all the coffee types. 

Tips about using the coffee as beverages

  • Avoid using loaded sugar in your coffee mugs. This would make your coffee to be healthy on its own 
  • Do not drink the coffee late in the day, the time in between 2 to 4 pm. It will interfare your day rest timing which is necessary for health
  • Do not drink it too much. Make a timing for it. Taking two cups of coffee daily is safe enough. 
  • Put some cinnamon in your coffee. It helps lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels. 
  • Try to avoid artificial creamers in coffee. Natural products are better in place of artificial. Adding full fat cream to your coffee would be safe for your health. 

By following these tips, you can make your coffee drink healthy and safe. However coffee is also known for its side effects. Before going to drink the coffee beverages you must know the side effects and then would take necessary precautions. 

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Side Effects Of Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which is possibly unsafe for the health. A limited intake would not be unsafe but its over usage and improperly intake habits would affects your health. 

The higher amounts of coffee would cause headache, agitation and irregular heartbeats. Furthermore there are some serious health issues concerned with the coffee:

  • Heart Disease: According to the doctors, drinking unfiltered coffee increases amount of cholesterol. It also increases homocysteine. These are associated with risks of heart diseases. 
  • Diabetes: Caffeine is reported to increase the blood sugar level. People with diabetic problem should use coffee with required precautions. 
  • Osteoporosis: Coffee may cause thinning of bones. Caffeine increase the amount of calcium which is excluded in urine. 
  •  Coffee is Addiction: It is another critical factor of coffee. This makes people addicted of it because of caffeine content. No doubt it helps you boost in physical activities but when taken in high amounts you will be it’s addicted. 

Despite of these side effects, coffee is almost necessary for your health. A daily precautioned intake of coffee would add a healthy boost in your life. 

Needs and Precautions For Taking Coffee

Coffee possess several benefits although you must know the limits of taking it. There are some of the precautions you need to follow to intake your daily coffee. 

  • Taking Black Coffee: It is essential to take two cups of black coffee daily. It is beneficial for your mental health and attentiveness 
  • Coffee protects Your body when taken in the morning times: The antioxidants present in the coffee would help fight and protect against formation of free radicals. In your body. 
  • Coffee can cause insomnia: you must not exceed the limit of coffee intake which is about 400 mg per day. 
  • If you are pregnant then avoid drinking coffee more than a cup. Caffeine almost reach to the fetus and affects the baby’s health. 
  • Bad quality coffee should be avoided: Coffee made up of overheated or ruined beans would be the categorized as bad coffee. This will be toxic and cause severe headache or cause sickness. 

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