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Colin Powell dies due to Covid at the age of 84

The first black secretary of the state and the US war hero,  Colin Powell. Who watches his tarnished legacy while informing case of war in Iraq has lost his life on Monday. The cause of his death is the Covid-19 complications. 

Colin Powell was 84 years old, a full vaccinated retired four-star general. And he’s one of those high profile US public figures who lost their lives due to the breakthrough of the Covid-19 infection. 

Their family has lost one of the most remarkable husbands, fathers and grandfathers of the family. At the same time, the country has lost one of the Great Americans. 

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The reputation of Colin Powell

Colin Powell gained his paramount reputation after winning the 1991 Gulf War. After this, he gained so much respect from others that he was considered the strongest black president of the US. 

Colin Powell was the son of the Jamaican immigrants. His shattering of the glass ceiling in his pioneer careers made America’s first Black national security advisor. It held this position under president Ronald Reagan.

He also holds the honour of the first African American, the youngest chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Colin Powell has served his service to four presidents, which destined his reputation an asset in the passages of power.

In 2000, when he was nominated for secretary of state, George W. Bush labelled him as the American hero. The hero with the great American example as well as the story.

Colin Powell was the highest-ranking US official who ever existed with the lineup in the 4th presidential squad. 

According to the 43rd president, he had a very well reputation at home and abroad. Being a good family man, he was also a great friend. 

Colin Powell, a true soldier 

Power was one of those who always liked to have straightforward talk and bipartisanship. And this was one of the great qualities of his appraisal, including his duty and honour. 

Noting the dedication of Colling Powell in public services, the Israeli former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given the international tribute to him. However, by mid-morning, there were still no words from the White House. 

According to 97 former presidents, Jimmy Carter Powell was the true patriot that country could ever have. And his courage, his dedication to work will be an inspiration for the generations as well as the teachings for others. 

According to US Defense Secretary, Powell was one of the most outstanding leaders that century witnessed. Losing such a person and the personal friend and mentor of Lloyd Austin is a tremendous loss.

According to Jaime Harrison, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Powell is the inspiration of young black men. He proved to everyone that there’s no limit to achievements. If you are willing to work hard, you will surely achieve your goals. 

However, for many, he was a great patriotic person and a public servant. 

Permissive social views

Powell was also known as the special title of “towering figure in American military and political leadership.” given by Tony Blair, Former British prime minister. 

In 1968-69 for the investigation of the My Lai massacre, Powell had done 2 hours of duty in Vietnam.

He was asked about the report of the My Lai massacre. However, he also won the purple heart. 

 From Bush Senior and Clinton, Powell has won many civilian honors in his favours. 

He had three children from his wife, Alma, with whom he married in 1962. And the name of these three children is Annemarie, Linda and Michael. 


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