Comparison between India and Bangladesh In Different Sectors

Comparison is always good for grasping good results in analysis. We usually analyze countries with economic figures. But today we are going to have a glance over comparison between India and Bangladesh in different sectors other than economics.

Female education 

As indicated by a 2018 exploration, this measurement in India remains at 48%. 

Just 48% of ladies in India had finished five years of essential education. When contrasted with 92% in Nepal, 74% in Pakistan, and 54% in Bangladesh.

Life Expectancy

By and large, for how long do individuals in the nation live? This is a decent marker to pass judgment on the medical services arrangement of the country. 

A normal Bangladeshi lives 3 years longer than a normal Indian. Life expectancy rates for boys and girls in Bangladesh are 71 and 74 separately. In India, the comparable figure is 67 and 70. 

Baby Death Rate

It is another great pointer to pass judgment on the medical assessments of the country. In India, this rate is 29.9 mortalities per 1,000 live births. This figure is lower in Bangladesh 22.1 mortalities per 1,000 live births.

In this way, one might say that the medical services arrangement of Bangladesh is performing better compared to that of India. 

Literacy Rate

Which level of individuals in the nation are educated? 

While India has an educational rate of 74.4%. Bangladesh has an education rate of 73.9%. India is marginally ahead of Bangladesh. Yet, the female education rate of Bangladesh is a lot higher than that of India.

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Worldwide Hunger Index

Which passes judgment on the craving of individuals living in a country.

India positioned 94 among 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2020. Making it quite possibly the most backward nation on the list.

While Bangladesh is positioned at 75 on a similar list of 2020. Which is better than India. Few individuals are experiencing hunger in Bangladesh.

2019 World Happiness Index

Bangladesh scores better compared to India. Bangladesh is positioned at 125, while India is positioned at 140. Overall individuals living in Bangladesh are more joyful than individuals living in India.

Female Work Participation

That is, what number of ladies are in work? 

In India, this rate used to be higher, around 30% during the 1990s. This rate has been reduced to 20% in India today.

Bangladesh-prior was 20% and presently, it has crossed even 30%.

Bangladesh has been reliably beating India all things considered. As indicated by a UNDP report, 2016, Bangladeshi ladies have higher normal salaries than their Indian partners. 

Joblessness Rate

Simultaneously, the joblessness rate in Bangladesh is in an ideal situation at around 5%. Whereas in India it is around 8.5%. 

There are less jobless individuals in Bangladesh as a level of their populace when contrasted with India.

Be it joblessness, ladies strengthening future or monetary development, Bangladesh either as of now has become or is consistently turning out to be more evolved than India in practically the entirety of the pointers.

Although Bangladesh was backward in 1971

The interesting thing with Bangladesh is that they achieved this success from zero point. India came into being in 1947. But Bangladesh got independence in 1971. And just after a few years, the country faced a massive famine. That killed approximately 1.5 million people from hunger.

If we realize the real achievement of Bangladesh. Then we can say it is the women’s workforce. The country is a big exporter of the garment sector. And mostly women are employed in this sector. India Bangladesh comparison is an interesting topic for more discussion. 

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