Computers seized in UK minister affair leak probe

Britain’s information supervisors confiscated computer devices on Thursday, during raids at two houses.

A probe launched to comprehend how did the footage of a UK minister, kissing an assistant, made it to the front page of a newspaper.

The relationship gained limelight when The Sun publication publicized pictures, taken via the secret camera in Hancock’s workplace.

During a pressing query in parliament, Conservative MP Peter Bone said; the presence of a recording machine in a minister’s workplace should be a national-wide concern.

He inquired, what was being done to analyze if any other secret devices ain’t clasped within the Whitehall.

“It is unethical to secretly record private conversations between ministers, civil servants, members of parliament, and members of the public.” Mr. Bone protested.

Aftermath of the UK Minister affair leak:

Computers seized in probe of UK minister's affair leak

The Information Commissioner’s Office is interrogating the case as a probable infringement of the Data Protection Act. It says;

The company that provides cameras to the Department of Health, Emcor Group, claims that the pictures were taken from their system, without permission.

The Information Commissioner’s Office says investigators seized “personal computers and electronic gadgets” while raiding two houses in southern England.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland also requested a clean-up for possible unauthorized devices from his workplace. Following the recording and leaked footage of Matt Hancock from within the Department of Health and Social Care.

The Justice Secretary told, “I’ve never seen any camera installations. I know there is CCTV in the building for evident safety reasons. But, I am sure that most of my colleagues will be making sure that the workplaces remain cleaned. Just in case, any other unauthorized equipment is there, that could be a national security violation.”

Meanwhile, Downing Street confirmed that Mr. Hancock individually nominated Ms. Coladangelo as a non-executive director at the Department of Health and Social Care.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said, “As per my knowledge, ministers are allowed to make direct appointments. I think that was the case in this instance.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigned last month for breaching social distancing protocols by kissing Gina Coladangelo.

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