Concerns spurred over coronavirus Delta variant in France

The highly prevalent Covid-19 Delta variant now accounts for about 20 per cent of new cases in France, up from last week’s assessment.

Medical specialists in France have expressed suspicions that a new wave could strike the country by September or October and tension has been hovering over the government to initiate tougher safety protocols.

Delta variant rise in france
Source: Financial Times

The variant, first discovered in India, has made Portugal seal off its capital city of Lisbon on weekends. In Germany, where Delta is still rare, scientists anticipate it to make up the majority of Covid-19 infections in the coming months. In France, the spread of the variant is around 10 per cent.

“I think we will experience the fourth wave, but it will be much more reasonable than the previous three waves because the degree of vaccinations is distinct compared to before,” Professor Delfraissy told France Info radio.

The variant records for about 20% of new cases in France and is evolving as “progressively dominant”, the country’s health minister Olivier Veran informed broadcaster France Info.

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France is worried about the highly infectious delta variant that is around 60% more transmittable than the alpha variant, inflicting extra hospitalizations and also just lessens the potency of vaccines.

The lesser but increasing number of cases have raised concerns that the Delta variant could curtail the progress the EU has made over the past two months in bringing down infections and death rates down to their lowest grade.

In France, currently, 8,846 infected patients are hospitalized, with 1,304 of them critically ill in intensive care.

Experts believe that wherever the Delta variant is acquainted, it will ultimately become dominant. The key will be to boost the percentage of completely vaccinated people while hindering the transmission of the virus as much as possible by regulating strong safety measures.

Source: CNBC

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