Confidential Gmail: How to send a secret mail?

Do you know what Confidential Gmail is and how to use it? In this age of information technology, the biggest challenge is to keep our personal information private. So that Google launched the service of Confidential Gmail to ensure cyber security.

Email or electronic mail is a major component of messaging in the world of Internet. Where Messenger or WhatsApp services are very popular today, Gmail is much more professional.

However, using the Gmail service, the message that we are sending is often kept secret. This means that you need to make sure that the message is not copied or shared.

Again, many times it is necessary that the message does not stay with the person for a long time. That is, the message is automatically deleted for a certain period of time. So today’s great tips and tricks, I will tell you how to keep your Gmail secret.

Confidential Gmail service

Before discussing how to send a secret message to someone via Gmail, let’s find out what are the benefits of using Confidential Gmail Service.

Basically, using the Confidential Gmail service, you can specify the time limit of your sent messages, which means that after a certain time, the Gmail will not be in the recipient’s archive.

The recipient will never be able to copy or print the message you send using the Confidential Gmail service. In addition, the share and forward options will be disabled. This will reduce the chances of your message being promoted.

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How to send confidential mail via desktop

If you want to send confidential Gmail to someone using the desktop, follow the steps below.


Open the Gmail service from your desktop. Then click Compose Off.


After clicking on the compose, go to the bottom right. Here you will find a clock-lock option. Click on the option.


Enable Confidential mode by clicking on the Clock-Lock option.


If you enable Confidential mode, you will get the option to set the time limit of the email here. Select the time period for which you want to keep the message in the archive of the recipient.


Here you will find the option to issue a passcode. Wherever you can enter a specific passcode with which the recipient can open the message.

The password will go to the recipient in the form of a cellular message. As a result, enter the recipient’s phone number and click on the save option.

But remember, never give your number here. And if you do not want to give a password, the recipient can enter the e-mail by pressing 1.

How to send confidential mail via mobile

Use a smart phone Let’s take a look at ways to use Google’s confidential Gmail services.


Enter your smartphone into the Gmail app. Then click on the compose option.


After entering the compose option, you will see an option on the top right side. Click here and select Confidential Mode.


If you select Confidential mode, you can enter the time limit and password according to the same ways.


Then click on the done option and your message will be converted to Confidential Gmail.

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more about confidential Gmail

If you use the Confidential Gmail service, your information or e-mail will be kept secret. This means that the recipient will never be able to take a copy of the e-mail or forward it to anyone else. In addition, the option to print the e-mail will be disabled.

However, it should be kept in mind that the recipient can collect screenshots or pictures with

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