Covax Facility delivered the new doses in Egypt

In Cairo, Egypt, new 1,766,400 doses of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccines are delivered after the delivery of covax. The Ministry of Health and Population is working hard to increase the vaccination rates in Egypt. And in the past few months, it has opened more than 400 vaccination centers in the country. And this delivery of additional AstraZeneca vaccines only happened with the help of the Covax facility after the first and second shipments.

However, it is very beneficial for the civilians of Egypt, as it will increase the rate of growth of vaccination in the country. 

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Recent Health Growths

Many countries are facing a lack of vaccines, and Egypt was also one of them before when the arrival of the vaccines addresses the problem. 

Egypt has opened many vaccination centers in the past few months, and there’s also a steep rise in its vaccination rate. And more than thousands of people are getting the vaccination per day. 

But the actual good deed of Egypt is that it’s not only vaccinating the Egyptians. Egypt is also letting refugees and migrants to get the vaccination in their country. 

“Few interventions in the history of public health can compare with the impact of vaccines and their vital role in saving millions of lives. It is our shared responsibility and accountability to protect ourselves, our beloved ones, and communities by getting vaccinated.”

~stated Dr. Naeema Al Gassler, the World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Egypt

According to Dr. Naeema Al Gassler, 70% of the population must get vaccinated to halt the pandemic. And the partners and civil equity of WHO are with Egypt in every need. They are providing their best support to the government of Egypt from vaccination to cover all people living in Egypt and beyond. 

For fair access to COVID-19 vaccines, COVAX Facility has done the collective recognition of the call.  

Grateful Hands after covax

And those who got the vaccination through COVAX in WHO, Egypt, MOHP, and UNICEF are very grateful and thanking to the government from Norway, the United States of America, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Qatar, Luxembourg, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Colombia, United Kingdom, Denmark, New Zealand Philippines, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Greece, and Portugal.

Allies of Egypt on covax

Canada’s Ambassador Louis Dumas told Egypt that it is best to vaccinate the world against the Covid-19 during its downtime and end the pandemic. And Canada will try its best to deliver safe and accessible vaccines worldwide, including in Egypt. 

Ambassador Christian Berger told Egypt that Egypt is contributing €2.47 billion in support of the Covax Facility. 

The Ambassador of Germany told Egypt that it is an excellent success to see the new vaccine delivery in Egypt. Covax is not a one-time project. It is an all-time success. The second-largest donor Germany will not back off any efforts to support Egypt. 

The U.S. Ambassador told Egypt that they welcome the August 13th arrival of another 1.76 million doses of COVID-19. After all, they are the partners of Egypt in fighting against the pandemic and 2nd largest donor of Covax worldwide. 

The Ambassador of Japan told Egypt that he is happy to see the arrival of vaccines via the Covax facility. As Japan itself was the co-host of Gavi, the summit on Covax. And it has also announced earlier to donate 1 billion USD, which is almost the 10% of its facility. Because for them, no one’s health must be leaving behind. 

Last word

Gavi is leading the COVAX. He is the vaccine alliance. And he is working with partnerships with UNICEF, civil society organizations, manufacturers, World Banks, etc. And till now, 188 million Covid-19 vaccines are shipped to 138 associates around the world.

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