COVID-19 Third Wave Impact on South Africa

On Saturday, South Africa recorded 18,762 COVID-19 new cases, which is the highest count since January. This took the total tally to 1,895,905. The horrifying stats are bursting high and high, and the rules have become stricter regarding the Delta Variant.

This variant is known to be highly contagious and has a greater risk of hospitalization. In addition, it is 60% more deadly than the Alpha (U.K) strain. The variant is driving a surge in South African COVID-19 infections and testing the capacity of the hospitals in extreme conditions. As a result, the government is forced to apply strict rules and guidelines.

The figure for the fatal cases among the 1,895,905 total patients is 59,621. Tulio de Oliveira, an expert virologist of the country, said that the country is in the exponential phase with the numbers in the third wave of the pandemic. Moreover, the coming weeks are going to be more challenging than previous ones.

The delta variant was first seen in India but is also extending its foot in South Africa. As a result, the economy didn’t get a chance to boost up to its average level resulting in the downfall of GDP. The government is trying hard to curb the virus as soon as possible as the outcomes might be severe than expected. Koleka Mlisana, the head of a government ministry advisory committee, suggested that imposing hard and tighter restrictions might succeed in curbing the variant. However, the results imply that the figures will be even higher than the second wave peak, which is horrifying.

The economic sector is facing crisis, and the GDP is falling day by day. Even Johannesburg and Pretoria, the heartlands of economy and industry, are suffering severely.

The transportation and hospitalization of the patients have become a challenge for the Health Department. Medics are trying their level best to admit the patients where there are still rooms in the hospitals. This is causing immense pressure on the healthcare system.

The country is trying hard to curb the spreading of delta variant, which has infected 85 other countries, by the way.

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