Crimes and criminals hotspot from South Africa

It is well known globally that South Africa is one of those places that carry some violent crimes. However, according to the latest reports of the Global Organized Crime Index, the country is also a global hotspot for the crimes like drugs, arms, environmental crimes and human trafficking. 

The index was taken from the Global Initiative against Transactional Organized Crime (GI-TOC), which shows the influence of the criminals and criminal black markets present in the country. 

Mafias, gangs, minor criminals all execute their crimes through the local networks available in the country. And these illegal markets are broadly influenced from environmental and drug offences. 

To counter the country’s criminality, the index also monitors the political regulations for combating criminal activity. The global concern is currently assessing the type of markets such as trafficking, drug crimes, etc. 

And the Democratic Republic of Congo has the highest rate of criminal activities. Moreover, the worse part is that there are significantly fewer chances of getting the sand settle due to low resilience structures.

And the highest rate of resiliency is in Finland, whereas the countries with the lowest rate of resiliency are South Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Venezuela.

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The hub of crimes, South Africa

In the index of criminal activities, the rank of South Africa is 9th out of 193 countries.

Human trafficking in South Africa is significantly less than other types of crimes such as drugs, environmental crimes etc. 

The resilience score of South Africa is 42 globally. And GI-TOC noticed that most of the preventions of the crimes are coming from non-state organizations. Mainly from those communities which are totally against drugs abuse. 

Also, the interventions of the government in coping with the crimes are only promising in the papers. They are being unfunded and are lacking behind with the capacity of executing them. 

Human Crimes

South Africa is the major hotspot for human crimes, and trafficking internally is very much persuasive. 

Traffickers take people from rural areas to urban places. And later on, they were sent to those places, where they were forced into domestic slaves, sex workers, etc. 

The more significant threat compare to sex trafficking is the labour exploitation in the country.

Firearms Trading

There is a significant flow-on firearm in Africa which we can see easily. And many criminals use these weapons to kill, rob and rape people in the country. 

However, there are many reasons which helped a lot in enlightening the poorer flow of firearms. Some of them are importing weapons from outside of South Africa. Some neighbouring countries are responsible as well for the import of weapons into the country. 

Environment-related crimes

Illegal logging is not much matter of concern in South Africa, but they are in the neighbouring countries. However, South Africa is still responsible for the illegally importing of the goods in the country. 

There is also a wild rage in the trafficking of bones, ivory, abalone, poaching etc. And there’s a constant relationship between South Africa and Asia for the illegal trading of the lion, hippo and rhino products. 

Drugs Trading

The hotspot of the drugs is what we majorly call South Africa. There’s a constant outflow and in the flow of the Afghan heroin via sea and air routes.

The usage and the cultivation of domestic cannabis are prominently high in the country. And it is the most common use drug in the country. However, traders chose cocaine amphetamine or Mandrax over cannabis due to its high ratio of weight. 

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