Cyber crime is on the rise: ways to protect your digital account

In this era of information technology, cyber crime is on the rise. The internet has now become a new medium of exploitation and torture. And a group of people are satisfying themselves by using this as a tool for their wicked desires. Every country currently has different types of laws to prevent cyber crime. But our overall awareness can protect ourselves from such crimes.

Any organized crime using the internet is included in cyber crime. However, in this case, both the perpetrator and the victim must be an Internet user. To put it more simply, when an internet user is cheated, abused, harassed by another internet user, it is called a cyber crime. With the advancement of technology, the Internet has now reached the homes of every human being. But the availability of the Internet has given rise to a variety of criminal activities.The effect of which is more visible in third world countries like ours. 

As a result, our government is passing new laws to prevent this crime. But to be honest, many such criminal activities remain outside the jurisdiction of the law. Ordinary people are the victims of all these crimes. So in this case we need a little more awareness. Because if we are aware, in many cases we can save ourselves from being a victim of crime.

A cyber criminal must be brought to justice. But if we are personally aware of this crime, it is possible to avoid it.  So let’s know what awareness steps you will take.

 1. Do not share your passwords

Everything has its own password, whether it’s a social media account or mobile banking. The password you use to access your account. Do not share your account password with any third party to prevent cyber crime. If the person is not known or trusted by you, refrain from giving them your password. Because many times if the password is in the hands of a wrong person, your account will be hacked.  Doing so could not only cause financial loss but also damage your social status.

 2. Keep logged out

Any type of account has logout facility. So keep logging out of your account at unnecessary times. Also, if you enter a cybercafe or any other device, you must log out before you leave. If not, your account may be hacked.

 3. Do not provide transaction information

One of the special aspects of cyber crime is that it allows hackers to easily hack your bank account, ATM card, etc. information.  In addition, many times hackers pretend to be a service provider and ask you for your important PIN code.  At such times, you must refrain from giving your PIN code. Also, if you are buying and selling online through a website, be careful in providing your transaction information. Check the accuracy of the website.

 4. Do not give your pictures and information

Refrain from providing your personal information to strangers or people you do not know very well. A lot of time we share our personal information and pictures with strangers or untrustworthy people through Messenger or WhatsApp for fun. But the change may open a fake account in your name using the information you provided. So be careful about giving your information and pictures to someone else.

 5. Legal action

If your device or any information is stolen, seek legal redress immediately. The reason is that the person who stole your device or information may use them to do something illegal in your name. So you should inform the law enforcement beforehand about the theft of your information. Also, if you are a victim of any type of cyber crime, inform the person in concerned to it.

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