Cybersecurity: How to secure your Facebook account?

At present, Facebook is no longer a means of communication but it has become an integral part of daily life. Even before the printed newspaper, this Facebook brings all the updated news to your doorstep.

Now no one is wasting their time on Facebook just by looking at the news feed but also using it as a platform for online business. At the same time, various online studies centered on Facebook are in full swing. But in the midst of all these positive aspects, Facebook is sometimes becoming a cause of panic.

Repeatedly, therefore, the issue of Facebook security is becoming relevant. In today’s event, I will discuss some of the great strategies of Facebook through which you can automatically maintain your own Facebook security.

Why is the security of Facebook necessary?

In fact, there are many people who are indifferent to the security of Facebook account. Many people think that he is a simple person and hacking his Facebook account can not be beneficial for someone else.

But in the real sense, the incident is not like that. If your Facebook account is insecure, you can also be a victim of various harassments. Hackers can even hack into your account and borrow money from your acquaintances. Which will harm both your money and your honor.

In addition, various criminal activities using Facebook as a tool are on the rise. In a real sense, a Facebook account is no longer a means of communication but a digital asset. So just as you want to keep your jewelry safe in a bank locker, it is also important to keep your Facebook account safe.

what to do to secure your Facebook account?

Basically, Facebook authorities provide you with different ways to keep your Facebook account secure. All you need to know is how to use these techniques. Below I discuss some of the strategies you can use to keep your Facebook account secure.

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1. Login data analysis

Facebook has an option that allows you to easily analyze where your account is logged in from and through which device.

Now almost everyone has more than one device. These can be smartphones, laptops, or tabs. And we log in to the same account using different devices as we need.

Facebook is able to keep track of all your devices. For this, first, you have to go to the security option of Facebook. Then there is an option called ‘where are you logged in?’

If you go to this option, you can see which devices have logged into your Facebook account. Here will show the location along with the IP address of each device.

As a result, you can take immediate action if you are able to identify a device that does not belong to you or whose access to the device is suspicious. Do this and change your Facebook password immediately.

2. Confidential message

Now we use the Facebook Messenger service and you can keep it confidential. Although WhatsApp has been providing such benefits for a long time.

But to keep any of your messages private on Facebook, you need to turn on this option. For this you have to go to the settings option of messenger and turn on the option called end to end.

The information of the person you chat with will then be completely encrypted. Of course, you can delete that information after a certain period of time.

Facebook is currently experiencing data theft. It is possible to harass the user later by stealing the data sent by him. This feature in Messenger can be quite good for you to avoid such harassment.

3. Security of profile pictures

You can ensure the security of your profile picture uploaded to Facebook. In fact, it is often the case that a user downloads a profile picture and another person opens an account with his or her name. Then use that user’s identity to confuse other people. Such insecurity is often disgraceful.

So after uploading a profile picture, you can protect it. You will get such options while uploading the profile picture. This way no one can screenshot or download your profile picture.

4. Post comment control

Your public post often gets comments that you don’t want. Such unsolicited comments are both annoying and embarrassing. Now you can limit such unwanted comments if you want.

For this, you can control it by going to the setting option and restricting the comments. It is often the case that our public posts contain comments that provide information about us that we do not actually want to share.

So you can easily get rid of such insecurities by using this feature.

5. Selection of successors

You can go on by selecting your next Facebook successor. What are you surprised to hear? In fact, as I said before, Facebook is no longer a means of communication but a digital asset.

So even if the person leaves, his Facebook account remains. And anyone using your Facebook account in your absence can conduct criminal activities.

For this you can go to the privacy in the settings option of Facebook and determine your successor in the legacy contact. Through which you basically let the Facebook authorities know who will be able to run your Facebook in your absence.

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