Dancing Ghosts: A Surprising Scene For The Astronomers in the Deep Sky

Dancing ghosts, it is a newly formed image from the EMU Pilot Survey (Evolutionary Map of the Universe) through the telescope. The team reported in a statement that they saw a couple of ghosts like objects floating in the sky. 

The dancing ghosts images are one of the several surprises which are found in the deep search of the Sky. They used ASKAP Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder. The EMU team described in detail about the Scanning images in the publications of Astronomical Society of Australia. 

About the ‘Dancing Ghosts Image

This image is part of the first pilot survey from the Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU) project. The ghostly element is located about a billion light years from the Earth. 

There is a full moon shown on the bottom left and the dancing ghosts are looking like they are moving with each other. This search was  formerly named PKS 2130-538. Now they have been nicknamed the “dancing ghosts”. 

Analysis of Ray Norris

Ray Norris is the Professor of Astrophysics at Western Sydney University in Australia. He has done frequent analysis over the search of EMU pilot surveys. 

After seeing the image he was excited about that object. He said that he hadn’t seen anything like this before and didn’t even know what it could be. 

Norris reported that these are actually two supermassive black holes. These are located in the center of the two galaxies. Moreover these are emitting out the series of electrons which are bent and forming a curved shape. 

He further added that the electrons tend to bend due to an intergalactic wind blowing towards it. According to Norris, the intergalactic wind is further a confusing element for them. 

He said that they still don’t know where this wind is coming from? And what is causing the streams of electrons? This would take more research and observation to identify all of these things. 

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Science Behind the Dancing Ghosts

There are two galaxies and within them there are two supermassive black holes. These are squirting out the jets of electrons. A grotesque shape is developed in it. The electrons are coming from the radio galaxies. 

Actually the radio galaxies have the black holes which produce a lot of light. The light is in the radio frequency range of the spectrum. 

As due to its electrically charged particles, a magnetic field is developed surrounding the blackholes which forms the jet of electrons. 

These electron jets from these radio galaxies crashed with the intergalactic dust and wind, then there will be an image formed like a dancing ghost in the dark sky. 

Related Discoveries of EMU

EMU started functioning in 2009. This team of more than 400 scientists in more than 20 countries. EMU works in developing techniques, writing software, and working with the CSIRO engineers who were building the telescope.

Ray Norris stated that there are certain surprises found in the skies through Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU) projects. The research team uses ASKAP, a radio telescope which is useful to scan deeper into the skies. 

One of the big surprises from the EMU Pilot Survey was the images of  mysterious Odd Radio Circles (ORCs). These seem to be giant rings of radio emission. Moreover these were nearly a million light years across surrounding galaxies.

Another discovery was about the search for radio galaxy IC5063. This was the giant radio galaxy. It was one of the largest known. Even nobody could imagine about it’s existence. 

This radio galaxy also contained a supermassive black hole. It was also emitting out jets of electrons nearly 5 million light years long. This was also seen through ASKAP. 

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