Delta Variant: China is Struggling to Contain

As covid cases rise due to delta variant, China is taking steps to contain the spread including putting restrictions on subway traffic. We were looking through the numbers obviously. It’s a big jump there. There were ninety-six new cases in China on Wednesday. And this the overall number they say of affected people is four hundred in a week. 

Covid Restrictions In China

So the numbers are quite low. But at the same time it is a big jump. And China is very concerned about it. So we’ve already seen the government imposing travel restrictions on moving towards lockdowns in certain areas. Thirty three cities have been affected so far. 

Transportation Barriers for delta variant

Several transportation lines, railway as well as flights have been suspended. High risk areas have gone into semi lockdown. One in particular was discussed quite disconcertingly to many here. 

The area of Xinjiang which is seen as more of a tourism area has now gone into lockdown. And even if you are a tourist there just in the area you cannot leave.

Authorities are going to limit passengers for certain areas. Some of the most crowded lines really during peak time. Also the capital here has restricted exit and entry within the city of.

Wuhan Conditions for delta variant

In order to protect the capital Wuhan the epicenter is in mass testing. Right now retesting the entire eleven million population because of an outbreak there. And overall China has been concerned about the outbreak of the delta variant. Because people aren’t seen as having as much protection.

China has ramped up its vaccination program. Officials say that they have already distributed 1.7 billion doses of covid-19 vaccine as of Wednesday. But there are still several epidemiologists who are saying. That more needs to be done in order to try to protect the population.

Questions On Effectiveness Of Chinese Vaccines

Since the vaccines that are allowed here the chinese ones haven’t been as effective. That was going to be concern. The percent it sounds like they have gotten a lot of the vaccination doses out. But the effective rate when you look and compare it to maybe Johnson and Johnson or the Moderna and Pfizer effectiveness its much lower.

Well I generally mean the effectiveness is lower. I mean it’s gone. We don’t really have the data yet. So the range has been anywhere between sixty percent to like kind of like seventy or eighty percent or so protection.

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For How Much Time Vaccines Are Effective?

But one of the big concerns among people who have been getting the chinese shot is. That the length of time in which it’s effectiveness really seems to be much lower than say Pfizer or Moderna. That it’s only a matter of months and so. 

Because of that there are a lot of people here concerned. That protection isn’t necessarily there for a lot of Chinese shots. And that’s a big concern for the scientists here as well as the general population.

I would say also the general populace the scientists have been quite bold in a Chinese context. And that they’ve been starting to question. If China should maintain its zero tolerance approach. 

Because the other side of this is that there have been concerns about the impact. This is all going to have on the economy as well. So a lot of questions here are emerging again. As to whether or not this approach of massive vaccinations is going to be effective? And exactly what all these lockdowns are going to mean? 

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