Dengue virus becomes more deadly than COVID in Bangladesh

Dengue virus is causing a lot of deaths in Bangladesh in the presence of the Covid-19 outbreak. Bangladesh crosses over 11,000 cases in September and nearly 48 deaths as a result of the Dengue virus. While the world is battling against Covid-19 cases, Bangladesh adds Dengue as one of the tops health hazards in the country.

The government is pointing out the spread of other deadly diseases around the world such as the Dengue virus, as Covid-19 gains the most attention nowadays and people neglect other cautionary actions towards deadly viruses.

Highest Dengue Virus Cases Recorded

The Bangladeshi Director General of Health Services (DGHS) told the media on Thursday that the highest number 330 of Dengue cases were reported that day making the numbers crossing 10,000 marks since January.

Bangladesh recorded its first death in the past July and since then 48 deaths are recorded due to the deadly mosquito bite.

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Dhaka tops in Dengue Virus

99% of the cases are reported in the capital of the country, Dhaka. Kabirul Bashir, the entomologist said that the actual number of Dengue cases is higher than the government count. He is also warning that the cases will go up as we are experiencing the monsoon season. In this season mosquitoes species exist due to excess unhygienic water.

Dengue Vs Covid-19

Meanwhile, there’s a decline in Covid-19 cases as an average of 5,000 cases is reporting. It’s way less than the earlier average of 10,000 cases daily.

Bangladesh is beating Covid cases successfully, but struggling with the other deadly virus in the country.

How Dengue Virus Spreads and where it exists the most.

There are an estimated 400 million cases of dengue every year around the world. Almost 100 million get sick each year.

The deadly Dengue virus is spread by the bite of the Aedes species of mosquitos that are infected. Humans can not directly spread dengue as Covid does, but anyone suffering from dengue can infect other mosquitoes.

To get the blood meal, the infected female mosquito injects her Saliva into the human to stops the blood from clotting in the human body while feeding, then the saliva infects the human body and spreads the deadly virus into the body.

Many top countries of the world don’t contain Dengue, but sadly, it still affects third world countries.

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