Discovery to merge with Warner Media for gaining “Trust & Respect”

The combination of Discovery and AT&T’s Warner Media announced on May 17 was termed ‘magic.’ This merge would be incredible for the viewers and the Discovery Company as well. On May 17, Discovery unveiled the mega Collab would be the best deal for both sides.

On Tuesday, June 15, CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav, emphasized the fact that they still have to gain the complete trust and respect of Warner Media. The tie could not work on a loose foundation. To make things permanent they still have to work on the partnership. The Investor Conference, held on Tuesday, came out with some profitable decisions. Zaslav called an ad-supporting approach “a window to a lot more money.” He thinks that this merge with Warner Media, which has exceptional branding, will be ‘magic’ as they will have a lot more content for which the people would pay. And indeed, with the marketing and branding techniques of Warner’s’, the reach could be easily boosted up.

He mentioned other media and streaming companies as well. According to him, Disney and Netflix are great platforms in their respective fields. Still, when it comes to focusing purely on storytelling, delivering engaging and creative content, none of them could beat Warner’s. He touted the success of Warner in the field of streaming and various networks. He was so appealed by the performance of Warner’s that he said, “nobody can open a picture everywhere like Warner Bros.”

The Discovery boss also congratulated the associated team of HBO and HBO max for such a great run in the industry. He also shared an incident about 15 months ago, he was at a dinner party, and it seemed very nice. But the people were going restless and continuously looking on their watches because they have to reach home by 9 pm as Mare of Easttown was about to air. This shows the popularity and reach of HBO.

He was asked about his key plan that would make this merge more successful. He confidently stated that everyone in this tie-up must have a clear-cut vision of what to do. He also mentioned that his role is to make things more creative and appealing to the audience, and his only motto is to make the company a place where everyone wants to come.

In WarnerMedia and Discovery tie-up, Discovery will play the role of creative makers and not creative buyers because it is always advantageous to the creative makers. Zaslav added that the company would readily fit into the vast content, produced by the Warners, and Discovery would play its part without losing its own identity.

Talking about the competition in the industry, he said about Disney+ company that has made itself an ad-streaming services. People to compromise as a 3-minute ad is good rather than a television ad. In this way, it has overruled the revenue collection inspite of some more entertaining platforms like Netflix. He assured that this merge would consider ad as a tool but would be in an ad-light manner. It is also not that Warner and Discovery are outdated, but according to Zaslav, they needed pricing and are getting pricing, which is a good sign.

At last, he added that the number one priority will still be the same, i.e., building relationships with the creative community. He vowed that he would assure to create the best creative culture with suitable content for the consumers.

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