Doctors from the foreign are coming back to their home

According to Chris Ngige, the accountable Minister of Labour and Employment, Nigeria is a developing country. It is doubtful to fulfill the U.N. and W.H.O’s ratio of doctors on patients, i.e., 1:600.

The doctors who were born in Nigeria and then, later on, went to other countries like Russia and Ukraine for their training are getting back to their homes in search of work.

Nigige reported this during the quarterly meeting of the Nigeria Health Commissioners in Abuja. 

The purpose of the theme was to build a robust health sector in Nigeria with the support of better partnership and collaboration. 

Also, how to strengthen the health systems at the national and sub-national levels, which also fulfill the objectives of Universal Health Coverage. 

Nigeria is a developing country instead of the United Nations, so it is essential to know about exceptions when every such figure is offered. 

Nigeria has an outstanding amount of surplus doctors, but they haven’t utilized half of the potential medical human resources. 

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How many Doctors are there?

The currently required analysis is how many doctors do they have in their rural areas?

In the townships, the medical and council data records display 4000 doctors per year. Earlier it used to be around 3000. In earlier days, many private universities have come in which most of them were not doing the drugs. 

According to the registration of Nigeria in medical and dental, they currently are having more than 4000 doctors. And even more, trained doctors are coming from the countries like Russia and Ukraine. 

So as the records, there are more than 10,000 primary care health centers unmanned for a very long. Almost everybody is coming back to their homes in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, etc. 

To create the enabling environments in the states for physicians, Akin Abayom has drafted a call on state governors. 

The “foreign” doctors

Almost more than 20,000 Nigerian-born doctors are working and staying outside and doing very well.

That’s why the government must create an enabling environment for doctors. Currently, the brain drain for Nigeria is not a critical aspect. All necessary for Nigeria is to bring back their Doctors who are staying outside the country. 

Commenting on the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lagos state has utilized its previous experience from 2015 from the Ebola outbreak. 

They were filled with factual data which were supporting their policy of decision making. 

They were ready with the data collection system and stats and the dots of each consequence of the Emergency Operations Centre.

However, the Civil Service received the notice from the health commissioner that they will not use the data and plans or handle any pandemic. In exchange for that, there will be the development of a quick policy to raise funds. The fundraising will happen for effective pandemic management. Else the whole system will collapse. 

The Great Responsibility

The states should get responsible and take care of the health security of the country and the countrymen.

The state needs to take action on the abnormal health of its population. And also respond accordingly to the outbreak of any diseases. 

So for that, it is also necessary to have the political leadership, commitment, and funding to fight any outbreaks. 

Any state will only participate in projects if it is contributing the meaningful improvement in the development. 

A meeting was held with the vital experience sharing, collaborations, and the development of the sub-national health systems in the country. 

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