DR Congo: Rise in covid cases of third wave and hesitation about vaccination.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has weighed down due to the impact of the third wave of COVID-19. And the number of deaths and infections has grown in a significant amount in Congo.

And now the march launched vaccines are stalling after the European suspension on OxfordAstrazeneca vaccine.

Due to circulating misinformation has grown the distrust among the people, leading to slowness in the vaccination campaign.

However, now, due to the arrival of the third wave, Congolese have begun to corporate for the vaccination. And the good deed is this, that people are demanding their drivers, domestic workers, and gardeners to come and get the vaccine.

Still, a large percentage of Congo is suspicious of the covid vaccine. And this, as a result leading to the low vaccination rate.

To inspire most people of the country, a 61-year-old businessman Gode Kanku had shared his view about vaccines after his first jab on Thursday.

Hesitaion Reason for Congo

The “WhatsApp Doctors” have spread the message of the threat of the vaccination. And the people who didn’t even go to school are agreeing to vaccination without any useless debate.

And it is so hilarious that after so much education and exposure to the internet, we refuse to get the vaccination. This shows how fake news can easily manipulate our society.

In the present time, Congo is getting in blacklist’s queue because if they don’t accept vaccination, then they will have to risk death.

Marie Mbula Ngamula, a 57-year-old mother of five, got her 2nd jab of AstraZeneca jab on Thursday. She’s magnificent, and she also expressed her views about vaccines.

She also mentioned that being responsible individuals, we must get the vaccination. If one person gets vaccinated, he saves the lives of many.

Many countries like Africa are also going through the same sort of rumors among the people.

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